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Default Misty Falls
This is my very first story that I've actually taken the time to put into words. I've had this idea floating in my head (pun intended) for a while now. This is only part 1 of what will likely only be 3 parts so it is slow to start (sorry). I haven't written the rest just yet, but I already know how it's going to turn out. Just for reference, the italic text means that is what the main character is thinking to himself.

While the events in this story are fiction, the fetish that the main character has is based on my own. I am not usually a popper because I still have the fear (my fetish came from the fear during puberty) but I love blowing balloons both by mouth and with a pump. Anyway, that's it for my introduction. Now, the story...


August is as hot and sticky as ever. At least I'm off of work on a Monday! Unfortunately, the rain yesterday means the trails are muddy any my plans to go mountain biking are off the table. That doesn't mean I can't still go for a bike ride. I'll ride the paved trail that leads to the next town, Misty Falls, and still enjoy the beautiful day. I grab my backpack, throw in a couple protein bars, and set off for the trail!

The trail is very peaceful and quiet. Being a week day, there's barely anybody else on it. The leaves on the trees are a deep green, the birds are singing, and the sweet aroma of yesterday's rain still lingers in the woods.

Oh did I mention it's hot as Hell? Not just hot, but humid. I'm only an hour into my ride but my shirt is practically soaked in sweat. I don't let it bother me though as the air rushing over my body while I'm moving on the bike keeps me cool.

Seeing a bench coming on the left, I decide it's a good time to take a rest and figure out where I am. I've never ridden on this trail and only have a vague idea of where it leads. After drinking some water, I pull out my phone and check the GPS map. Even though I've seen the picture on my phone's lock screen a thousand times, I always pause a second to admire it: a picture I snapped at a party of a beautiful girl blowing a clear balloon (my favorite balloon color) with the neck inflated all the way to her lips.

My hunch was right as I'm just on the outskirts of Misty Falls. Hey wait, the map has a balloon icon just ahead! I touch the screen to see what it is: Misty Falls Party and Balloons. Holy shit!

The thought of stumbling across a balloon shop had never crossed my mind. I rarely go into balloon shops because my fear of popping has never completely gone away. Whenever I do go, it's never on a weekend because I know they'll be constantly inflating lots of balloons. As much as I love blowing them myself, I rarely pop them. So long as I'm in control, I'm OK.

But wait, it's Monday! I jump back on my bike so fast that I almost left my water bottle on the bench. It's only 5 minutes up the path and will be on the right. The woods are still thick but I spot the opening in the trees. Just on the other side of the trees is a small single story building. It's close to the tree line but the sign in the front is big enough to be seen from the road. Misty Falls Party and Balloons.

What luck! There's not a single car in the small parking lot. The anticipation begins. My heart starts racing. I'm going to walk into that shop and buy some balloons. Well I'm going to at least look at them. I wonder what brand they stock? Oh no, what will I tell the clerk when they ask why I'm buying balloons? What if the clerk is a guy I know?

I'm a sweaty mess. Maybe I should leave. Why did I even stop here. My negative thoughts start getting the best of me. I haven't gotten off my bike yet and almost turn around to head back to the trail when I take another look at the empty parking lot. If I'm going to go in, now's the time. What's the worst that could happen? A balloon they're filling with helium pops unexpectedly? Oh shit, that could totally happen! What if they're filling balloons right now? I know! When I walk in, if I feel too nervous, I'll make like I'm getting a phone call and walk right back out! At the very least, I'll get to enjoy air conditioning for a few seconds. Alright, I'm going to do this.

I lock my bike up at the bike rack on the side of the building and walk around to the front. There's a large bay window but it's too bright outside to make out anything inside. Well, it's now or never. I take a deep breath, turn the handle, and walk inside.

My senses are overwhelmed. The air is just as humid but only marginally cooler. The warm temperature enhances the scent of the latex. There are two rows of shelves on the left stocked with various party supplies but my attention goes directly to the wall on the right. Closest to the door is the cash register and checkout counter with the helium tanks along the wall right past it. Along the length of the wall are shelves with dozens of open topped bins filled with 12” balloons! My racing heart shows no signs of slowing down as my eyes gaze the bins. I'm in a trance.

I've only just stepped inside the building at this point but I know exactly where I'm about to go. I take one step towards the bins when I suddenly hear a soft female voice.

“Hey there!”

I jump. Not just a flinch, but a full on jump. The female voice is soft and feminine. Shit! I was so entranced by the balloons that I never looked to see if anyone was at the counter!

I turn to my right just as the voice softly giggled, amused by my startled jump. My eyes meet the eyes behind the counter. My mind is in full panic. I hadn't considered the possibility that the clerk would be as drop dead gorgeous as this gothic goddess.

She looks to be about my age, slightly shorter than me (I'm 6 feet tall), and very fair skin. Her face is round with a small nose, plump lips with dark purple lipstick, and eyes bigger than I ever thought possible. Her black hair is shorter in length, just below her chin, with bangs clipped off to the side. But what really makes me weak at the knees is the cat ear headband she is wearing.
“I didn't mean to startle you!” she says after her giggle.

She steps out from behind the counter. Her body is curvy in the most perfect way with large full breasts, thick thighs, and a plump round ass. She's wearing a tight fitting black corset tank top (which pushes her breasts together and shows a generous amount of cleavage) and a short black pleated skirt. Her hand reaches into the bin closest to her, then she turns to me and says “I guess you came in for some balloons, huh?”

To be continued...
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