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Default Reinflation - a Blowgirls story
At long last I've actually FINISHED another balloon story - one serving as a coda to "What a Corker!" and taking place mid-epilogue. Having read that should hopefully not be necessary - it just explains how the protagonists got there.
This one has little plot and is basically just marathon sex, though of course featuring plenty of balloons and inflatables. If you don't feel like reading the whole thing I'm posting the scene with the biggest balloon below.
Anyway, here's a link, cover and excerpt in short order!

She started going down and discovered a surprise meant just for her.
“I’ve something else you love to blow”, Carrie whispered.
Vanita slowly extracted the big rubber pouch Cee had hidden inside herself, the pink latex lip protruding between her own.
“Not everyone can take a full thirty-two inches”, the redhead smirked.
“You’re exceptional”, her wife grinned and blew in a breath that made the giant balloon spring to life.
Carrie lay back against the couch cushions to make room for Nita, who snuggled up in her arms and began filling her glistening toy in earnest.
“It’s your turn to talk dirty”, the inflatress said between puffs.
She got want she wanted, in spades. Carrie’s native irish had some inventive expressions and never failed to turn her lifemate on. Nita couldn’t stop smiling as she blew and knew there was no place she’d rather be and few things she’d rather be doing. When Cee’s hand went between her legs and replaced her own the list grew even shorter.
She sighed. “I love being serviced like this.”
“Shut it and blow, ye manky slapper.”

Vanita did, blowing and blowing and blowing more and more air into the huge sphere while Carrie kept whispering naughty things into her ear and complimenting her with filthy phrases. The nimble fingers kept stroking, sometimes in time with her breaths, sometimes much faster, but always very, very nicely. Nita liked that there was so much balloon to inflate, ensuring the treatment would last a while.
Carrie kissed her bulging cheek. “Imagine fifteen fine fellas watching us and jacking off…”
The picture had her blow extra hard. She regretted the guy caught masturbating to her act had been thrown out of the theatre so quickly.
Teeth nipped playfully at her ear. “Or even better, fucking a doll looking like you and knowing they’ll never have the real thing...cuz I do.”
She didn’t have to read Vee’s mind to know she was thinking of blowing up a dummy like that until its overinflated, voluptuous curves threatened to burst, then haughtily plugging the valve before tossing it to some loser. Because that’s what she did.
“The people who payed to watch us many d’you think would jizz if they saw this?”
Carrie didn’t wait for a reply she knew wouldn’t come anyway. “All of them. That’s how many.”
The dirty talk turned into even more praise of her looks and abilities, inflating Vanitas ego as surely as she did the balloon. Soon most of the room had vanished from sight behind the enormous rubber globe, but Nita kept blowing it even bigger.
The impending detonation made Carrie’s heart beat faster. Anticipation raced through her veins and she hoped Vee felt the same awesome thrill. To make sure she adjusted her fingers and sped up.
“Come for me, Vannie! Feckin’ pop harder than your feckin’ balloon will!”
Her wife inhaled sharply at the command, wanting to orgasm at once to please Cee, yet yearning to prolong the wonderful handjob. When she couldn’t hold her breath any longer she blew it into the latex opening and Carrie renewed the request with even more intense rubbing.
“Cuz it’s gonna. Hurry and explode first!”
Nita puffed and puffed, her breaths coming in short, hard and fast bursts as her pulse increased and the throbbing between her legs became almost unbearable. The heat spread downwards, electrifying her legs and making her kick everything in reach. A cushion slid across the sideboard and took a magazine with it in a rustle of paper half drowned by the whooshes of air leaving her lungs.
Her arms tensed up, her spine bent backwards and at the magic moment Carrie yelled “BANG!”.
The shock made Vanita drop the balloon but it also threw her over the edge and she came like a woman possessed, gasping and twitching until she realized the stupid loon was still flying around the room and leapt to catch it before it would knock something fragile over. It had lost perhaps half of the air she’d worked so hard to put in and she turned to face the culprit.
“Do you want me to kill you?”
Carrie attempted innocence. “Got you off, didn’t I?”
“What if it had put me off?”
“Then we would’ve had such a wrestle! And I’d shown you how sorry I was” - she pressed a kiss against Nita’s hand - “and compensated” - another kiss - “and done pretty much anything you asked”.
Vanita realized she was standing naked in front of her parents’ TV where a pornographic movie was stuck on repeat. Her lover had just shouted a really stupid sound effect in the middle of fantastic sex and she’d stubbed a toe chasing down a giant pink balloon.
She tried keeping a straight face but it was impossible. Cee might be a hopeless headcase, but she did make you laugh. And was the best and prettiest wife in the whole damn world.
She handed her the balloon.
“You can start with blowing this back to where I was. And bring it to the guestroom.”

The living room had been restored to order and the balloon almost fully reinflated. Carrie was still blowing into it as she walked over to their quarters for the night, and luckily it was soft enough to squeeze through the door.
Nita reclaimed it once inside. She took a small but powerful vibrator from their bag and swung the balloon onto the bed.
“Get on.”
Carrie complied, happily straddling the rubber behemoth.
“Let’s see if I can give a better blowjob than that tart in the movie.”
“You so can.”
Nita didn’t deign to reply. She turned the battery-powered rod on and applied it to her crotch as she bent forward to finish the balloon once and for all. The buzzing of the toy mingled with the sounds of her powerful puffs and Carrie’s entire body tensed up as she began rubbing against the squeaky latex.
Watching her lifemate masturbate was a favorite pastime, far better than any video. As she usually did it while blowing up balloons the combination wasn’t a novelty, but the sheer size and being able to ride it was exciting. As was knowing the dark stunner wouldn’t stop until all three of them had popped.
Being suspended by nothing but her beloved’s breath captured by a thin membrane was a pleasure in itself, and being able to add to it had the redhead grinning like a maniac. Vee’s wonderfully inflated face promised the pressure would only increase and Carrie wasn’t disappointed when her cheeks sank into their usual enchanting shapes. She knew they'd be blown right back up.
It was like having two lovers in one, the classy beauty who turned heads wherever they went and her very own wanton balloon babe. Vannie’s effortless repeated switching between them was arousing beyond belief.
Right now she was looking so hot the grinding wasn’t enough. Carrie managed to carefully slide a hand between her thighs and found her stiff, aching clit all ready for more. Locking eyes with Vee she began to rub while still humping away, the taut rubber yielding only slightly to her precariously balanced weight.
Vanita kept blowing, the sight of her wife’s efforts turning her on something fierce. She angled the sex toy inwards and pressed it down even harder, feeling her toes curl back from the sensation. Seeing Cary enjoy herself that much and sensing the balloon getting close to popping drove her half out of her mind with lust, and her deep, steady inhales turned to gasps and moans of desire. Her juices trickled down the rod and over her fingers and she hoped the loon was getting at least as slick under Cee’s pussy.
The latex was almost pulsating from being pumped from one side and blown from the other and couldn’t possibly last much longer, and neither could the girls. Both were swirling inside a private paradise, connected only by the stretchy surface growing thinner with every huge puff.
Nita’s sounds of enjoyment were muffled by the mouthpiece she was blowing into but Carrie’s whines and cries were enough for both, the unyielding humming of the vibrator adding a drone to the rhythmic exhales and latex squeals.
They couldn’t say if it was Vanita’s breaths or Carrie’s thrusts that finally burst the balloon, but the explosion made them both come almost at once - Carrie kneeling on top of the remains rubbing herself like crazy and Nita twisting her nipples as the wand worked its magic. At long last they collapsed side by side on the smooth sheets, linking hands without even thinking.
“And that concludes our programme”, Nita panted in her best broadcasting voice.
“Be sure to tune in next week”, Carrie managed. “We should be on the wireless. Could call it ‘The Loon Show’.”
“Half a century late for that, love. And far too early for the contents.”

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