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Default Re: The inflatable dragon
Chapter tree
I just got this mail from the maker of the dragon suit.
Hi Scuba.
Fortunaly none of my new latex work got affected by the dragon suit.
We didn't really had time to talk and your exsperience with the dragon suit laying an egg.
I would really like to hear more about that.
Don't worry your secret is safe with me.
I have been writing a bit with the Norwegian customer and aparently she got a dragon baby too from your meet.
Best wishes...............
I answered him with this mail.
My life has gotten really interesting since i got the dragon suit.
I have grown to be really fond of the dragon baby.
In a lot of ways it's like my sisters pubby, always glad when i am comming home.
It's easyer in some ways, becauce i can just let the air out of it if it gets too wild..
Since the dragon baby is as light as a balloon it haven't knocked anything down from my livivng room counters yet.
The dragon baby has become a good friend like a dog and most of the times when i am home i have it fully inflated.
Most weekend nights it sleep on the livivng room floor rolled in a position like a cat.
It loves when i sleep on it when it is in that position.
It then cover my body with one of its wings keeping me warm.
Laying on it feels like laying on a really rubbery balloon and my body always is in the most comfortable position.
Both the dragon suit and the baby dragon has the most wonderfull rubber smell.
I always have to remember to air out to not give away that i have the baby dragon before I get visiteres.
If i open my balcony door the baby gets really exited and if i stand in the door it reacts instantly. Espesialy if i a nacked.
The baby dragon force its head between my legs and before I know it i'm sitting on its back in front of its wings..
It feels great like sitting on a really rubbery balloon.
To keep me from falling off the baby dragon has a really cool act.
It grows a rubber suit over my body so that i am securely connected to it.
Although the baby dragon is only about the size of a small shetland pony it can easyly carry me high up in the air.
We do this every day and it never gets old.
It makes me feel like i'm one of the caracters in HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON.
Lastly i have to thank you.
Not only for letting me buy your dragon suit, but also giving me the opportunaty to get a friend like the dragon baby.
Best wishes Scuba.
After writing this i went into the livivng room and.
The dragon baby was sleeping on the floor.
I took my clothe off and opened the balcony door.
Before I knew it i was sitting on its back in its rubber suit.
I am now writing this up between the clouds sitting on the back of the baby dragon
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