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Default Re: Inflation initiation
Thanks for the praise! And it's not off-putting - you might be the one to post the most in the open forum, but other people seem to prefer e-mail or PM's. Something I've noticed since I first opened my site WAY back - very few public responses but plenty on the side. If the topic is "favorite scene in movies" you can get a discussion started, but reporting sightings on general principle almost always happens in personal communication. Maybe talking about creative efforts are a bit similar - I'm guilty myself of failing to comment on nice stories I read here or in other places.
Sorry 'bout that, fellow writers - your efforts are much appreciated!

As for who's into what, I can give you a rundown if you PM me. Few actually pop for the sake of popping, but even I - a non-popper - can appreciate the satisfaction of a good bang now and then!
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