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Default Re: .Be carefull what you wish for
Chapter seven.
I just got out of a bit of a stange situation.
Reasonly i have been experimenting with meditation in my inflatable latex suit.
Since i have all the balloons i bought from the alien and in the magic store it's something defriend but still nice and relaxing.
The inflatable latex suit i preffer to use has an open face hood atached and gloves and feet atached.
I normaly meditate for 1,5 hours and i am able to crawl out of my bed in the inflated suit and deflate it standing up and enjoying the sensation.
Last night was defriend.
It started as usual with me luping up the suit.
I was a bit lazy so i only luped the arms, but it is usualy enough.
As i stood up to pull the arms on i felt like there was a little wrinkle in the right foot.
Well i didn't really feel like taking off the suit again to see what it was since it was only a little wrinkle.
I plugged my earphones in my ears and pulled my molded latex hood from Thailand over my head before finaly pulling the atached hood over my head..
As i inflated the suit it felt like the wrinkle in the right foot was a wrinkle.
There was something in the foot.
Well i got this far so i definitaly didn't bother to investigate what it was since it i had to deflate the suit and take it off to find out.
I lied down on my bed on my back in the fully inflated suit and plugged the earphones to my phone.
I had found some binural beats music on Youtube that i wanted to tjeck out.
After ten minutters i was in a deep trance.
At this state i usualy begin to feel like i'm floating but this time the sensation began to feel stronger and stronger.
It was like the suit was begining to lift me.
It felt so wonderfull that i kept my eyes closed.
I was awaked by the feeling of bumbing Into something and my phone falling off the suit.
With a bumb the phone landed on the bed and that was when i opened my eyes.
It felt defriend in front of me and when i opened my eyes the roof window wasn't where it used to be.
It was below me with and i was stuck between the sloping wall and the roof lamp.
I realised that i was floating in the suit under the ceiling.
I tried to focus on getting my self down, but it didn't Help.
Well it actualy felt quite good.
With my left arm i was able to push my self down a bit and i was able to grab a hold on the sieze list on the roof window.
With some deficulty i was able to push my self to a standing position.
I tried with all my arm strength to push me downward.
I was able to push my self down so my feets was about half a meter over the floor, but I kept floating back up in the air again.
I was begining to get a little hot in the suit, but luckely the door to the livivng room and and hallway was open. With some deficulty i was able to push my self under the top of the doors and into the livivng room.
I hang with my head bumbing against the ceiling wondering what to do.
It felt absolutely wonderfull and i didn't really feel like getting down.
Eventualy i began to feel that i had to pee.
Suddently it struck me.
Maby i should just unplug the valve cab on the suit.
With a hiss the air began to slowly deflatethe latex suit.
At first nothing happened, but eventualy i slowly began to desend.
As i touched down i was still very boyant and walking to the bathroom felt like walking on the Moon.
I squized the last air out of the suit and was finaly able to open the zipper and get out.
As i pulled my right foot out of the foot of the suit something fell out on the floor.
It was one of the modeling balloons i bought in the store that sell magic items.
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