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Default Re: .Be carefull what you wish for
Chapter eight
Just as i thought that balloons couldn't surprice me any more i was in for a big surprice.
It ended up with me having to walk/bounce twenty kilometers home.
It started with me buying a bed sheed duvet.
The duvet packing was marked stretchy and i ended up buying one.
When i got home i found out that the opening in the duvet was far too small to fit my quilt trough.
I thought that it was a factoring mistake, but the shop had just closed..
It was really really hot, far too hot for me to sleep in the bed room.
So I found a wide sleeping pad and placed it on the balcony floor.
I figured that i might just use the duvet as a sleeping bag and looked for it.
The duvet had somehow ended up in between my balloons. I folded the duvet out on my balcony floor and got my pillow.
The entry hole in the blue duvet was only just big enough for me to squeace trough, but I managed to get in.
At first i tried laying with my head outside, but there was simply too many mosquitos so pulled my head inside the duvet.
It was then my foot touched something rubbery.
Well the duvet was so nice that i didn't really tought more about it and i soon fell asleep.
A couble of hours later i was awaked by the feeling of something squeazing me.
I felt something rubbery all around my body.
As i opened my eyes the squeazing got tighter and tighter.
I felt my self being lifted up on soft latex and i was now lying on two balloons.
Two balloons more inflated on top of me.
I got to the conclution that the balloons had to be the GL1200 balloons i bought from the alien.
They had somehow ended up inside the duvet with me.
The four GL1200 balloons inflated bigger and bigger and i was sanwitched between them unable to move at all.
The duvet started squeaking as the pressure grew and the balloons squeazed harder.
Somehow the duvet held up and i was able to see trough the fabric as if i was wearing a morph suit.
As the pressure grew almost unbareble the balloons stopped inflating.
It felt like i was rising.
A gust of wind confirmed it as i was flibed around so i was lying on my stomach looking down.
My balcony was dissapearing below as i began floating upward.
I was still totaly imobaliced by the balloons totaly unable to move.
The balloons had an intense rubber smell and feeling as they took me higher and higher.
Since it was in June the night here is quite light and i was able to see quite well.
A couble of hours later the sun began to rise.
As the sun rised higher it began to warm up the balloons making the pressure even higher on my body.
It wasn't really uncomfortable, but it was begining to get really warm and i was getting sweaty.
The sweat made me just slipery enough to move my arms up to the top of the balloons under me.
With some deficulty i was able to reach the neck of the balloons and felt a clip on each neck.
Thinking it was about time to get down i was able to open both clips and the gas started rusching out.
I felt my self begining to desend so i clibed one of the balloons under me so i was lying on in with my arms and legs out over the side of it.
I wasn't able to reach the clips of the balloons over me, but I slowly desended.
I finaly touched down on a grassy feild next to the freeway.
I tried to reach the balloons over me, but all the movement just made me bounce up in the air again.
It actualy was quite fun
By this time the wind had shifted toward my home town.
With one GL1200 balloon between my legs and two over my head i was just able to see out of the small entry hole in the blue duvet.
I made a small jump and felt my self being lifted thirty meters up in the air before slowly desending again.
As i came to the lake that the freeway crosses i made a powerfull jump .
The balloons carryed me at least a hundred meters up in the air and i landedgently on the other side of the lake.
The sun warmed the balloons up even more and i began floating upward.
I letted the gas out of the balloon between my legs and that made me desend again.
Standing inside the duvet i was just able to reach the neck of one of balloons over me and unclip it.
When that balloon had deflated i was able to reach the neck of the other balloon and finaly deflate it.
I realised that i was only wearing boxers, but since it was quite early nobody saw me walking the last bit home.
When i got home i realised that i locked my self out.
Standing below my balcony at the street i clibed one of the balloons and wished that it would help me.
The balloon inflated between my legs and carryed me up to my balcony and landed.
Totaly exausted i just lied on my bed and fell asleep
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