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Default Birthday boy part 1
Finally it was Friday, and my birthday. This week had been manic at work with back to back meetings and a last minute business trip out of town for the last two days. Today it was my birthday, and I woke up early in a hotel 600 km away from home. I hit the shower and walk down to get some breakfast. I am relaxing with a cup of coffee when my phone lights up. It is a snapchat message from Sarah, my girlfriend. I open it and i see a huge pile of uninflated balloons, happy birthday it says. From the picture i am guessing belbals, crystal 14 inchers. A delightful sensation spreads in my body, and I feel that I am getting a hardon.

There is a second message, Sarah is posing with an uninflated balloon in her mouth, and the text go to your room and turn on the sound for the next message. I hurry up to my room, lock myself in and whacks the do not disturb sign on the door. Next message, a video: Hello boyfriend she says with a smirking smile, happy birthday ! Are you ready for a balloon birthday? I see that she is wearing some baggy sweatpants and that she has stuffed a Q24 and a large vibrator into into the sweatpants. I rush over to my suitcase where I always keep some q16 loons for when I am away on business trips.

Quickly I call Sarah on facetime, when she picks up she is inflating the Q24 with our electric pump. I can see that she has been busy, because the floor in our bedroom is literately covered in belbal 14”, she knows that i love them overinflated. All of the balloons are massively overinflated, long necks, shiny tranclusent crystal balloons, God I wish I was at home now. "Hey babe" she says, stopping the electrical pump to the Q24, the neck goes all the way from her pants to her neck. I see that she can barely move around with that massive Q24 down her pants. She looks at me again and asks, are you horny babe, I know what balloons does to you. I guess you have already grabbed one from your suitcase, you little perv, she laughs at me.

Then she smiles and says "I put a little secret for you in your suitcase, check out the lid".
I run over and rip open the suitcase, there is a square birthday present. "Can I open it i stutter", I now have a raging boner and all i want is to get home asap. She smiles again and says go ahead and open it. Inside I find a massive boxershorts, way to big for me, there is also a tube in the package. "You get it right ?" she says, strip naked for me and show me that lovely cock, but do not touch yourself. I strip naked and my raging boner is now out pointing towards the camera, put on the new pants perv she commands. She loves to dominate me and I do as I am told.

Put the balloon into the boxer and attach the tube and now start blowing. Now get your headphones on and put the volume to maximum. She now starts the vibrator in her pants, grabs two belbal 14 inchers underneath each arm and slowly rides the q24 on top of the vibrator. I am mezmerised, i blow faster and harder and I feel a tight pressure building in my balls. She on the other hand is getting more rough with the q 24 / vibrator setup, she moans, rubs the belbal 14 inchers hard which are squeeking in protest. She looks at me and says you are not allowed to cum before me. She starts a ferocious ride on the vibrating q24, suddenly there is a loud bang, she popped one of the belbals, I stopped blowing for a sec and look down where the q16 now is massive, overinflated and bulging out of the boxershorts. I look to the screen again, we stare into each others horny eyes, she moans and grunts, then pops another belbal and she then finally comes. Mmmhhhh hot and steamy she says, look at you balloon boy, are you still blowing ? Yes i stutter! Blow and ride that balloon until i pops and you are going to cum when it pops, she smiles. To keep you going I am going to replace the popped belbals here she says. She pulls out a bag whacks on the pump and one after one 14 incher with massive necks are inflated, i am on my front facing over the q 16, which is now covered in precum, humping, blowing, grinding.

Look at me! she says she now grabs an allready overinflated belbal and keeps inflating it by mouth, it is steaming from her breath, lets pop together, we both blow feroucisly. Then a massive bang i feel a warm load of cum i my boxers dribbeling down my thigh. She laughs – I still see that big balloon in your pants she says, fuck it was only hers that exploded. Keep it she says we’ll pop it when you get back home. Now hit the shower perv, and dont miss your flight. I love you she says and hangs up.

I let some of the air out of the balloon and manage to get it out of the stained boxers, I halfknot the loon and clean up, I pack my bag and hit the shower. I grab the stained Q16 and untie it. I bring it to the shower where again I start inflating it, it is rock hard and so am I. The water from the shower sounds like rain on a tin roof hitting the loon. I rub myself all over the balloon and within a few minutes i spray my load all over the balloon and shower walls. I deflate the loon, get cleaned up and check out of the hotel making my way to the airport.

To be continued
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