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Default Birthday boy part 3
It's a warm summer day as I get out of the car, I drop the ripped boxershorts, and grab my trousers. After putting on my trousers and grabbing my suitcase I follow Sarah into our house. She opens the door and as I enter the whole house has a very familiar scent, the sweet indulging smell of latex. After already shooting my load several times today my dick feels a bit sore, but the scent and the recent memory of Sarahs snaps from the house still brings my member to life.

"YES" Sarah says, I have ordered us some takeaway for dinner, it will be here in about one and half hour. "I think you need a shower birthday boy". I know what awaits in the shower and that it is going to be tough to get into the shower judging by my memory of the video she sendt me.

I smile at her, she is a lovely girl, just over 160 cms, fit with nice long legs. I see that she recently had a manicure with long sharp nails. "Lets hit the shower" I say to her. We walk upstairs to our bathroom. The showerdoors I got installed is measuring 150 x 150 cm. When i open the door the shower is stuffed with balloons, 14" 16" and two massive gl 900s. We undress and she tickles my balls with her fingernails. Again my boner springs to life. It is a bit of a hassle to get in but we both sqeeze into the shower. I turn on the shower and the noise of hot water hitting rock hard balloons fills the room. I grab Sarah from behind and start caressing her breasts, tummy and work my way down. I gently rub around her clit, and she moans with delight. I work two fingers inside her and keep working on her clit. She moans and starts running her finger down an overinflated belbal 14". It squeaks because of the water, and i see her scratching her sharp nails over the loon. I work her harder and faster, which makes her rub the balloon harder, scratching it with her nails. She is now about to explode and when she comes she digs the nails into the balloon which explodes with a loud bang that echoes off the tiled walls. Sarah manages to get a hold of the showergel and washes us both off.

She then straddels a gl 900 and turns her butt towards me, I immediately slide my dick into her already wet pussy. I start slowly riding her and the balloon. She moans and says faster balloon boy, faster. I increase the pace and I am pounding her hard from behind. The noise in the bathroom is amazing, balloons squeaking, the water that hits the balloons like rain on a tin roof. I grab a q16 and place it on her ass, then I squeeze it hard and it explodes with a loud bang. Sarah jumps a bit and laughs then she grabs two 14 " and pops them with her nails. I am going to cum soon I scream. Sara then turn around to her back laying on top of the gl900 grabs another gl 900 and pulls it on the neck so that when i am fucking her from the front the balloon presses hard on my balls. I cant take it anymore I fill her with a big load as I moan loudly.

I notice that she did not cum the second time so I work her clit with my fingers again, she is now about to cum for the second time. As she is about to cum I quickly grab a 14 incher and press it into her pussy and burst it when she cums.

She smiles at me, and says I love you. I love you to babe I say. Now we gotta get cleaned up because the food will be delivered in 10 minutes.

To be continued
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