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Default Balloons in the Shower
Melanie had been dating her girlfriend Jasmine for about a month, when she invited her over to her apartment. She had been over to Jasmine’s apartment before, and things had gotten pretty steamy, but it was time to take the next step. And besides, she had a secret she wanted to share with her.
“Make yourself at home,” said Melanie as Jasmine entered her apartment. Jasmine sat down on the couch, and put her feet up.
“Nice place,” said Jasmine. “What’s for dinner?”
“We’re having spaghetti,” said Melanie.
“Oooh, sounds nice.”

After the food had been eaten, Melanie decided it was time to go in for the kill. “Jasmine baby, I have something I wanna talk to you about.”
“I’m all ears,” said Jasmine.
“Well,” Melanie said nervously. She cleared her throat. Her hands were shaking. She was also extremely horny. “I have a fetish,” she managed to say.
To Melanie’s surprise, Jasmine responded with, “So do I, sort of.”
“Mine’s a little weird,” said Melanie, honestly.
“I’m sure it’s fine. What is it?”
Melanie closed her eyes tight shut, and after a little while finally said, “Balloons.”
“Balloons?” repeated Jasmine.
Melanie nodded.
“How does that work?” asked Jasmine.
“Well, I like to blow them up, rub them on myself, and sometimes pop them.”
“Oh.” Jasmine was quiet for a moment. “I’ve never heard of that before.”
“It’s pretty rare,” said Melanie. “What was your fetish, by the way?”
“Having sex in the shower,” said Jasmine.
“Well, I guess that’s more normal than mine,” laughed Melanie,
“Do you have any balloons?”
Then suddenly Jasmine had an idea. “I think I know of a way to combine both our fetishes,” she said excitedly, taking Melanie’s hand and leading her towards the bathroom.

Jasmine had instructed Melanie to bring some of her balloons into the bathroom with her. Melanie was curious as to what Jasmine had planned for them.
“Strip naked,” said Jasmine. Melanie did as she was told. Jasmine turned in the shower, got inside and gestured for Melanie to join her. “Bring the balloons,” she said. Melanie again did as she was told.
Jasmine, after turning on the shower, took the bag of balloons, which was already open, took one out and started to blow it up. Melanie could barely control herself. She started kissing Jasmine’s neck, and simultaneously rubbing her clit. Jasmine continued blowing up the balloon. She held the balloon with one hand, and with the other, inserted her fingers up Melanie’s wet pussy. She slid her fingers in and out. It drove Melanie wild. But not as wild as seeing Jasmine blowing up the balloon did.
“Is that big enough?” asked Jasmine, taking the balloon away from her mouth.
“I like a nice neck on it,” said Melanie.
So Jasmine kept blowing. The neck started to protrude at her lips. It was immensely exciting to Melanie. Melanie inserted her fingers into Jasmine’s pussy.
As the water cascaded down on the both of them, Jasmine put another breath into the balloon, and it popped. Melanie kissed her passionately, and started fingering her harder. Jasmine also started fingering Melanie harder. They kept going till they each had a violent orgasm. They both fell to the floor in a panting mess.
“That was amazing,” said Melanie.
“I have to agree,” said Jasmine.
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