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Part 2
With the end of the COVID pandemic things slowly turned back to normal. For me that involved going back to the office. The end of the pandemic also marked the end of my relationship with my girlfriend Sarah. I helped her moving about three months ago, so now I have been living as a bachelor for three months. Most days I have spent working, even evenings.

While I was sitting at my office my boss popped in, she had a stern look, and I thought to myself should I be worried. She breaks out in a smile and tells me that I will have to take the next month off due to all my extra work these past three months.

The next morning I wake up early as I always do, but now there is no need to rush of to work. So I make myself a cup of coffee and pour it into a keep cup and decide to take a stroll around the neighborhood. For some reason my mind drifts back to the pandemic when I saw the suspected looner that masturbated with loons in the nearby cul de sac.

I think what the heck – and decide to head in the direction of the looner house. As I approach I see the kids and their mum standing outside the front door. I can hear part of the conversation, so I will drop them back at your place in one week… So I am not the only one that was going through a breakup in the pandemic. Unfortunately I don’t see any balloons around. So I walk back to my place again.

Over the next couple of days I walk by the house in the cul de sac hoping for some balloon action but no luck. So after two days I drive into town to acquire some balloons. I pull up at a store that I know sells both belbal and qualatex. I get in and start looking at colors, pretending that I don’t know what I want. Then suddenly the guy from the cul de sac walks in. I nod and smile at him, and he smiles back. I quickly grab 4 packs of 50 q tex 16 and 2 x 100 belbals in crystal colors.

I make sure to be at the counter at the same time as the looner from the cul de sac. I gaze at his purchase of 100 tuff tex 17. He looks at my pile on the counter and I see him adjust his member with his hand in his pocket. As we have to wait for the clerk, I smile at him and say it is going to be a heck of a party with those big balloons. He blushes and is clearly a bit uncomfortable and stutter yes for my daughters birthday.

Cool I answer, and then it slips my tongue: the best bit is the busting afterwards when the kids are out. Now its my turn to blush. There is an awkward silence that seems to last for ages, but then he says do I know you ? I think I have seen you around. Well I live not too far from here I say. A now I know he replies, you live in my neighborhood. Bret he says reaching out his hand, I give it a firm shake and say I am John.

The clerk comes, and we leave the store together. John he says, my ex got our car as she has the kids, can I catch a lift with you? Sure I reply. As we get into the car I put the balloons in the boot. So kids birthday at yours Bret says. I pause for a moment and think, a moment like this may never come again. No I answer, they are all for me, Bret looks at me, he looks almost startled. As I am pulling out of the carpark I come clean, you see Bret I am a looner, I guess you know what that is because I caught a glimpse of you busting ballons during the pandemic I say it with a grin. He turns bright red, shit I have got to try and save this. You see Bret I say, I love watching guys bust balloons, even more so if they are enjoying it in a special way.

Bret breathes a bit lighter now and his face has returned to a normal color. He stutters are you a looner too ? Sure am I reply.

After a little pause Bret says, I have to tell you that night during the pandemic was my first time that I got a looning session in ages. I went on a rampage. I thought the wife was going to be out with kids for a long time, so I did not get the time to clean up properly. She (my wife) he says, never accepted the fetish, and then she decided to leave me. I have been so shameful.

Bret, I say, you have nothing to be ashamed for, as I say that we are pulling into the cul de sac. You know what he says, there is no kids birthday party, the loons are for me, do you want to come in for a beer and some balloons?

As we enter Bret heads to the kitchen, I quickly grab a belbal from my new stash and inflates it as fast as I can, I give it a massive neck and barely manages to tie it off. I leave it on the couch in the livingroom.

Bret comes in with two beers in his left hand. His jaw drops when he sees the purple monster on the couch. I see you have prepared a surprise he smiles. He hands me my beer, and then sits slowly on the balloon, it only lasts 10 seconds before it bursts with a loud BANG.

I am now fully erect in my jeans, so is Bret. Should we pull the curtains I say, Bret is pulling down all the blinds. Then I say, it is more comfortable to sit on the balloons in your boxers, you feel the tightness of the latex better. To my surprise Bret just pulls down his jeans, and stands in front of me with a tenting boner in a loose fitting boxershorts. I rip of my jeans too. Wait he says we need a pump for this. He brings in a xibi balloon pump that does two ballons at the time.

Within the next 30 minutes the living room is filled with more than a 100 balloons. We both have precumstains on our boxers.

I pull over a footstool for one of the lounge chairs, the same does Bret. Go he says, we start sit popping across from eachother, the loud bangs echoes in the living room. Shit I am horny. Hey Bret I shout – can I take of my boxershorts because I am about to explode. He just rips of is underwear, I do the same.

Bret is sitting on a tuff tex with a massive neck I decide to do the same and then I pick up a q 16 and sandwich my dick between the balloons, Bret gets the idea and does the same. Its like looking in a mirror. We hump our balloons like mad, I cant take it anymore, I bust the q 16 and shoot my load all over the tuff tex and on the floor. Bret moans at the sight and busts both his balloons he stands up and sprays a massive load on the floor.

Around us there is still around 20 balloons left. That was sick Bret says. I grab a balloon and start rubbing it against his balls, he moanes and after a few minutes we are both rock hard again. Do you want to bust the rest I say?

Hell yeah Bret says, but can you bust them on top of me. Bret lies down on the couch and I put a belbal over his balls and throbbing cock. I lower my weight on it and start bouncing. Harder Bret says. Suddenly the belbal burst with a loud bang.

Wait Bret says – he runs out and comes back with a big uninflated balloon, is that a q 24 I say, yup my last one. Now start popping he says. I ride the balloons on Bret as he inflates the q 24. As there now is only two balloons left the q 24 has a big neck, but Bret is still forcing in more air into it. I touch the q 24 and it is hard as a rock. The last balloon burst underneath me as I touch it. Bret clips off the q 24 and puts it between us. I am now sitting on top of a ticking bomb with my feet of the ground. I cant take it anymore, I spray the q 24 with a load of cum. Looking down through the crystal balloon I see Bret has done the same.

We clean up and finish our beers.

When I am about to leave Bret says, do you want to hang out this weekend, sure thing I say.
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