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Default Re: What is the most over inflated balloon you've seen?
Iíve just re read my last post, I meant balloons with dulux printed on them. I went back there today to take a photo but there was a member of staff stood next to the balloon tree handing them out, they were all yellow ones today with Homebase value printed on them, and to be honest they didnít look too fresh!

I am the same with you vicci when it comes to bunnings. I have been to our n stay one in Chichester a few times and always come away with their green balloons, they arenít the best balloons but you can get loads. The Chichester branch is covered in them, 2 tees at the entrance and they are always on the end of each aisle!! My local Toyota garage had a load today but I couldnít get any unfortunately, I am seeing a lot more balloons around at the minute!!
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