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Default Re: How many times have you reused a balloon?
I have a load of qualatex 11" polka dots and some of them have had 6 or 7 inflations and seem pretty ok still. My belbal 14" get huge after a couple of inflations compared to a new one and also seem ok?

I am ultra cautious of weak spots when inflating and if I see a few I tend to tie off and not re inflate. I would say that I've had more accidental pops with qualatex than belbal lately. The only belbal that pooped without warning was being inflated on an electric pump. I should have know better because it was resistant from a very small size so clearly had a fault. It popped At about half its rated size. I am a non popper so am very cautious on inflation, good luck with yours!

I have added a pic of a couple of belbals. The blue one on the left has had one inflation to about 60% rated size compared to the purple one which is brand new, just for a comparison of how big they get on the first go!
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