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Default Balloon Fetishist Skype Group?
I thought maybe it'd be cool to have a Skype group chat for balloon fetishists. I know some people might be uncomfortable with their details out there, so I came up with this idea...

Anyone interested can add my fetish skype account.
I will then add those accounts who friend me into a Skype group, so if you have your details set to friends only, only I will see them unless you choose to add someone else in the group.
This group could be used for chatting, finding other looners, making connections, or whatever. It might have times of silence, but that's okay. It could be kind of a Skype registry for looners or something. Or I could make a document (with permission of those interested) with the skype's of looners out there kind of like my resource one. I don't know. Just throwing around ideas. There isn't really a place for those to have live chats in a community unless they're added individually, and I'm not a fan of IRC channels.
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