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Default Re: Partner/Significant Other (SO) & Popping
  1. Do you have a Partner or SO?
  2. Do they have a balloon fetish as well?
  3. If not, do they participate with you and balloons?
  4. If yes, how often do you and your SO pop balloons?

1: Yes
2: unfortunately no
3: She does quite often actually
4: Almost never as she really doesn't like the loud pop. She is not really afraid of it, just does not like it and doesn't want to damage her ears (really sad that that's the reason). But she does blow them up, rides them and uses a vibrator on top of the balloons, which is sexy af

If i was in a looner relationship i would definitely have balloons around at all times if possible. Maybe not in every room, but in the living room or bedroom i would love it to just come home and have balloons ready
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