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Default Re: Partner/Significant Other (SO) & Popping
Questions:[*]Do you have a Partner or SO?[*]Do they have a balloon fetish as well?[*]If not, do they participate with you and balloons?[*]If yes, how often do you and your SO pop balloons?

1. Yes
2. Yes, he got me into it
3. N/A, but we definitely “participate” together
4. It depends. He’s really good about making sure sex is about him and me, and not the balloons. We probably play with balloons once a week on average, but sometimes not for weeks at a time and sometimes pretty much every day.

We do have balloons around almost all the time. It’s become kind of like buying bread. When we run low, we just add them to the shopping list and whoever can get some first usually does. We rarely keep any inflated and just lying around as we are both pretty avid poppers.
I love to hear the BOOM!
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