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Default Re: Partner/Significant Other (SO) & Popping
Originally Posted by LoudPop View Post
  1. Do you have a Partner or SO?
  2. Do they have a balloon fetish as well?
  3. If not, do they participate with you and balloons?
  4. If yes, how often do you and your SO pop balloons?

One last thing to ponder...I often wonder what it would be like in a relationship with someone else who has a balloon popping fetish. Really, would balloons be in the house all the time? Would either person just pass by a pop a balloon? I know my house would be filled with over inflated balloons and loose ones laying around just begging to be Blown to POP!!!
I have a partner.
She isn't a looner.
We often have looning sessions.
We don't pop balloons cause I'm non-popper and my partner doesn't like to.
If it would depends to me, looning sessions would be every time, but it isn't possible for several reasons, same I would love to have house filled of balloons everyday, sometimes we keep some around or we do it if we have holidays so we are able to keep inflated balloons in hotel room.
Keep calm and inflate a balloon
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