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Default Re: Getting Squished by Balloons
Just had a session inside my bed sheed with two gl 1200 balloons
I had four old balloons, the tree of them where ok, but the fourh was totaly over inflated in the neck end so i used that and one of the other balloons.
I managed to inflate them one of the times with my electric pump behind my back.
When number two balloon started inflating i began to feel squiched, but I managed to get a clip on it too.
Standing on my bed i let my self fall backward, but it was too mush for the balloon with the over inflated neck. It popped on impact. Damn i thought, but I was able to grap another balloon and try again.
This time i really got it inflated and I was really squiched.
I let my self fall backward again and this time both of the balloons held up.
It felt like i was landing on a cloud of balloons and since the balloons both where a bit under inflated they where really nice and soft to lie on.
I soon got a bit over heatet so i opened the clibs one at the times.
It felt amazing.
The balloon deflated, but kept its size becauce it sticked to my back. I love that feeling
I deflated the other balloon and both balloons are ready for another trip.
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