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Default Re: Awkward Situations
I have many awkward situations! One was regarding a very big transparent purple 16" balloon we had from a party my brother went to. It was very tightly blown up, and like a glass thing!! The shape was so nice too with perfect curves.
I didn't even dare to pop it in case I get told off. It was so beautiful. Then one day I came home from school, and mum was tidying and said, "I'm tidying up, I'm sick of that silly balloon, go and burst her!"
I started feeling nervous excitement and it probably showed, I popped it by standing on it and squishing it with my feet, it put up a big fight and it was shrieking so loud, and necking out. It swelled up so much and was screeching loudly, then BOOOOOM!
Mum said, "Good, I'm glad she's gone!" The piece of skin was a huge wrinkled mess which I quite liked! But very awkward!
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