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Default Dear Penthouse...FML
I have a married couple as tenants. He's 50, sort of a loser, just got a third DUI (wondering why the other two didn't show up on the background check). She's 24, 5'3, 105 I have to admit that I might have chosen them as tenants simply cause she is so freaking hot.

So she called today to get the locks rekeyed. When I got there she explained they are splitting up, she wants the apartment and asked me to rekey. And she was wearing a loose silk robe open to show a pink bra.

I called for legal advice and explained I couldn't legally lock him out. So i followed the legal advice and texted him to let him know I was rekeying at her request and that I was giving her both keys. If he had a problem with that, he had to let me know soon.

She was on the phone with many friends as I did my work on the doors, talking about them splitting up. Then she talked to me and explained that she had reported him to the police for abuse and I should lock him out.

Called the legal team again and because it wasn't a recent report, and he had been living there with her since the report, I again, couldn't lock him out. If she got a P.P.O., I could.

She asked me to stay while she ordered a pizza and discuss her options. She started a conversation with verizon to change her number over to her own account, one he couldn't cut off or access.

She calls me to the back of the apartment and I hear her on the phone with Verizon on speaker. While she is taking a shower. She calls me into the bathroom and I did a quick peak to make sure she's behind the curtain. Verizon needs her to type stuff into the phone and will I type it for her, cause she's soapy and wet.

Three seconds later the curtain is gone and she's completely naked in the shower in front of me.

She tells me not to leave in case she needs me again and she finishes showering while on the phone, naked in front of me. I went back to the living room.

She comes out, and sits on the couch and drops the towel across her lap so that she is basically naked. She explains how she just loves sex and they don't have chemistry. Being an out looner, I tell her about my fetish and she's like..."Your're a looner?!" Then she wants to talk all about that.

She says, "It's a shame you don't have any balloons here now." I told her I had some in the car. She says she wants to see.

I got the ones I had and she begins blowing one up. She says, "Do you want to just fuck until I go to work? We can do it with the balloons."

So I explained I had to get back to my contractors and left. She asked many times to stay and asked me to feel her boobs...which I did. Holy shit. Perfect.

I still left.

She called twice and texted me three times asking me to come back over.

I hate myself. I hate the world. I hate everything.

but the first rule in life is DON'T SHIT WHERE YOU EAT.

She is my tenant and if we hooked up I would have been cuckolding her husband, even if they are on the outs. And I would have opened myself up to a thousand different accusations. A thousand things she could hold over my head for free rent, kicking her husband out, etc.

I still hate everything and am horny, depressed and pissed off.

I had to tell someone, and so, my looner friends, you are whom I'm telling.

Fuck all.
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