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Default Re: Looner Fantasy fulfilled
Good story, and I'm glad you were able to enjoy yourself.

Purely for future reference, if you dont have any lubricant to hand then you can simply use:

1) A bit of talcum powder, dusted over your manhood, will help slide you in.

2) Or, a use some spit. (It may not be the most hygienic, but if you're only using it to slip into the neck of the balloon, and you wash your manhood and the balloon after, then it's no big deal.)

3) Or, you can try rolling the balloon up, from the neck up into the body, like an rolled condom is like when you first open one, then roll the balloon over your erect manhood. You will then need to gently stretch the balloon enough to either pump it up, via a straw, a bit of plastic tubing, or something similar.

4) If you're absolutely desperate, then smear a bit of butter/margarine over your manhood, or just inside the neck of the balloon, and then slide your way in. Just remember to wipe your hands, otherwise you'll smear buttery fingerprints everywhere.

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