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Default Bathroom easy earplugs
... Made from toilett paper... yeah lemme explain.

Found that out when getting into the fetish aggain. I wanted to protect my ears, but there were no earplugs around really.

I have some headphones that when you wear them they Close quite good and Isolate some of the noise from the outside (quite good actually) but still I didnīt want to use these, as theyīre big and not the perfect noise Isolator.

I got an idead and made some experiments using toilett paper as earplugs... and I have to tell you... after some Training and getting it done good, that works really good.

I wear earplugs every day at work since itīs a quite loud place and Iīm cautious with my Hearing... good Hearing is very important for me and so I protect my ears - with succes, having to do Hearing tests here and there at work, the doctor commented about my Hearing: Itīs really good

How do These earplugs work?

Super simple... take two Sheets of toilett paper...

Put one sheet away, and take the other and hold it under flowing water under
the faucet. The toilett paper will be soaked wet completely... under the flowing water already shape it similar to an earplug. Then... put it in your ear and Position it that it will reduce the noise.

Itīs not that comfy, because since the paper is soaked wet you have water running from your ear so a few Drops might land on your t Shirt...

With some Training you can get that "earplug" to fit and I can tell you from experience it ... can... attentuate Sound as good as a proffessionall earplug.

Do the same with the other side... with the other ear

Getting These out???

After youīve had your session with your Body heat the paper kinda dried out... itīs still very wet but it got back to a Point where you can pull it out. I usually can grab it, and pull it out no Problem whatsoever - thou, Iīve had it that the paper broke, and I had one Piece in my Hand and the rest stuck in my ear...

No Problem - using nail scissors I was able to carefully remove it...

I just wanted to give you that tip. Whenever I use earplugs at home (I even used "These" for Garden work once with a circle saw that was super loud) I use this type and for me itīs very reliable.

You can try it but be Aware of the risk... that it could get stuck. Also just with normal earplugs if you havenīt washed your ears and the "dirt" is in there, it can happen that you move it closer into the ear and after removing the earplug the dirtīs kinda inside and you Need to wash out your ear which - depending if you have the tool for it at home or not - might get you to see a doctor.

Also... do this on your own risk, for me it works... but maybe someone finds it helpfull... and gives it a try. After the initla "wet Feeling" from the water you get distracted with your session soon and wonīt really notice these "earplugs" anymore
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