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Default Re: Trashbags
Don't know about overseas, but most garbage bags here in Australia are pretty crappy for inflating, Too much pressure, and the bottoms usually just blow out, or the plastic now on almost all brands and types is that shitty matte plastic. My father used to work in food catering back in the 1980s, back then one could get those very large black glossy bags; when inflated, they kind of looked somewhat like an inflated box, they were great for shuvving between the legs and lots of good dry humping. Those bags are still around somewhere, I've seen them in use in large food courts of shopping centres and so forth, but when asking around on where to buy them, the people you ask just go weird and for some reason don't want to give out that info. Transport NSW use a transparent version of this large bag for the bins on their train and bus stations, but again, when contacting head office by phone, the lady I spoke to just went all weird; and noted that they can't give out the details on where they purchase them.
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