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yes, that's the part I mean, at the bottom, the two parts of the bag are glued together. I don't sit on them, that doesn't do anything for me, nor any of my other inflatables; PVC, mylar, latex, or otherwise. The only shiny bags easily available at supermarkets in Australia are the army green 60L OSO bin liners. Before blowing them up, I'll stick a strip of transparent tape across the glued section. This works fine and makes the liner much stronger, but honestly in some weird sort of way as a pedantic looner, it sort of takes away from the purity of the experience.

I just love inflating them as firm as possible, and usually in the evenings when i'm watching telly, will have my legs open where I'll shuv one between. This is so the bag is between the calves of my legs as I'm sitting on the sofa. I will then moderately rub it up and down; this creates a huge static electricity ploom. The ploom together with the firmness of the inflation, and the feel of the shiny plastic immediately gets me into a hard erection, and from that moment, the next 30 minutes to an hour is just continuous edging and pure well being.

I only use the bags once, as the new feel of the bag is all part and parcel of the arousal. Generally then, they'll go into another container somewhere else in my kitchen, where then they'll be used as actual trash bags, so nothing unnecessarily gets thrown out or damages the environment.
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