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I have a couple of other fetishes besides balloons/inflatables. Pretty much just bubblegum and a general lips/kissing one. I guess the lips one ties into them all. Watching a beautiful woman work her lips in a sexy way, especially when blowing something up, drives me absolutely wild. I really love kissing, I even wrote a poem about kissing just last night (I was feeling extra creative). It's nothing spectacular but I think it's pretty good for my first poem in a decade. The bubblegum one is probably my favorite though. I'm globophobic (I guess technically it's the pop that scares me but now I'm just splitting hairs), and I like bubblegum cause I get the pleasure of hearing the woman's breathing and seeing the orb grow without being afraid that the pop is gonna make me jump out of my skin. I get so scared of a balloon pop, even when I know it's coming, that I always get embarrassed. Seeing people get excited and laugh when a balloon pops makes me so jealous. Popping has only ever terrified me, so I can only wonder what that must feel like.
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