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Default Re: Dear Penthouse...FML
Originally Posted by BalloonBoyUK View Post
Let it be a lesson to all men: stop thinking with your dicks, and start thinking with your heads! If you're that desperate for sex, hire a prostitute or an escort, or other sex-worker.
Why did you add this in your post? I don't see a lot of reactions in this post from ''men'' giving this advice.. just the opposite. in this context your reaction doesn't make any sense.

I advice you to reread your last posts today. Calm down a little... 3 of the 5 derives about the message "don't do that". Life is sometimes about taking risks.. learn from mistakes.. or to seek thrills.. otherwise life would be quite boring. You have to understand not all men are stupid assholes and a lot do think..

I strongly advice you to reflect on this. As being a teacher i can say that your current way of teaching people is not being effective. It annoys.
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