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Unhappy Re: A Short, Polite Message To All The Hetero Men Of This Forum!
may i know what is happening?

i'm just here to read stories. I live in a place where its near impossible to find someone with the slightest of kinks, let alone a looner...

but I've been seeing a lot of these rants about negative responses and i don't like them.

would you mind sharing some of these comments?
i have always thought that this community is somewhat pure and innocent.
i don't know if i should even read them but i somewhat doubt that most people here are mean or bad.

Have we considered the idea that maybe there are troll accounts here from non looners who wish to mock us? it surely happened in the furry world, there is even some youtubers who recorded themselves infiltrating furry zones.
there is even a guy who innocently discovered the balloon fetish on fiver and made a video about it. but he at least showed respect.

it really breaks my heart when i read these rants. Most of us who post here aren't savages...
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