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Default Re: How to pop-proof a room
Please excuse my presence in y'alls sub-board~ I really enjoy lurking and reading everyone's thoughts and insights. I don't often comment in here because I really don't want to make a huge splash or upset anyone given reading my name (and thus my status as a popper) or potentially writing anything of the sort that would upset anyone. But wow this was a really interesting and educational thread! I've often wondered of a way to sound-proof or pop-proof a room. Particularly in the past, when I still lived with my parents or when I was living in an apartment with notoriously thin walls/ceilings/floors.

I just wanna say thanks a lot for the knowledge! This stuff is particularly helpful to me as of late because I'm actually having my first child with my wife in 9 weeks, and I was trying to figure out ways to not be disturbing to him or my wife moving forward.

Interestingly, despite my strong and deep predilections for my method of balloon-play, I've been particularly interested these days in "expanding my horizons" on how I explore and express my love of balloons. I think it's in part due to the drastic changes in my household coming up very very soon, but also because I just love balloons so much. I'm trying to learn new ways/methods of balloon play. I've started to become interested learning to love balloons in non-destructive means and particularly having actually non-popping sessions. I've begun to become interested in larger size balloons (>36 in.), learning how to safely ride, hump, and play in general; so I've begun ordering and experimenting with specific brands/shapes.

Please consider me a kind "guest" into everybody's space in the future. I feel that I have much to learn, and I'm thankful in advance for everybody's experiences and insights moving forward.


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