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CB Radio is a Thing. As you reported, Truckers are still using it quite much... altough on the newer trucks the used Antennas are getting smaller and smaller... so it becomes a nieche feature more and more.

Defining the popularity of CB is a Thing. Commonly People forgot about it - why use this Thing if you have a cellphone? On the other Hand laws were changed to the positive for us.

Being a child of the 90s I was used to a 40 Channel CB with FM used as Modulation. There were 12 AM channels channel 4...15 and the power was set to 4W on FM and 1W on AM.

Later they made many additions to that and improoved the rules. There was a 80 channel FM CB introduced, with the additionall 40 channels being below the channels 1-40 (in Terms of frequency). First you had to Register your 80 Channel CB and pay a monthly fee to use it but they took that away...

A while later they allowed AM to be used on all 40 Channels and they even allowed the power to be increased to 4Watts so you now had 40 FM / AM and additional 40 - but only in FM.

Later on they even allowed SSB on CB (it was forbidden here Long) and then they even made the step and allowed for SSB incredible 12W Transmission power to be used... thatīs awesome. Some People also refer to CB now as "Amateur Radio light" because with good conditions and a good Antenna... the 12Watts can easy reach out a few thousand Kilometers (or miles) depending on how got the conditions are.

There are People "leaving" CB and new ones "getting back or getting into it" at least thatīs the activity in one of a few German Forums regarding this stuff. There are some
People who use CB just for talking and they talk for hours sometimes and others use it for the "Radio" aspect. They get Equipment, get on top of a mountain and set up their station and see who they can reach. Every year (will be soon, 3rd June Weekend) thereīs even a Germany wide Event involving CB Radio. People can sign up on a page... get a number. Your goal is to make CB Radio contacts to others, and who has made most contact even wins a Price ... there are various Prices given to the winner by Shops that sell Radio related stuff. It can be a new CB Radio for the car, an antenna...

I myself donīt have the best Equipment and usually use a handheld CB Radio with a Long telescopic Antenna. My range-archeivements arenīt really super high, compared to whatīs possible in CB Radio but Iīve also had contacts far over 50 Miles (100km and more) with others... Standing on top of a mountain.

I guess with CB itīs similar to USA... it got far less than it was before but People who are still into it are specialiced on the Topic and very pasionate about it.

I wonder how it is in Poland thou... see cars with a number plate from poland... quite a high ammount of These cars has CB Radio antennas on the Roof and looking through the side window I can see a cb Radio built in and ready to operate. What Iīve heared is that itīs still very popular over there.
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