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Aside from CB Radio there are other applications aswell. Like the FRS we have the PMR Service (Portable mobile Radio) Itīs .5 Watts on 446,0....446,1MHz originally 8 analouge channels, but later they released D-PMR (Digital PMR) which is I think above 446,1...

Now they made it that there are 16 analouge Channels but it is all inbetween 446,0 and 446,2

Germany has a Special Radio called "Freenet" which is settled a Little bit above the 2m Amateur Radio band. It works on 149MHz and has 6 channels (149,0...149,1MHz).

PMR and Freenet use fixed antennas, the user is not allowed to Change them

Being limited to 0,5W - lately the law has changed, and Freenet now is allowed with 1W but
still only fixed Antennas.

So yeah there are some other "walkie talkies" apart from CB.

I have a hughe knowledge about licence free operating devices (such as walkie talkies, bayb Monitor, wirless headphones) but Iīm not sure if itīs the right spot to discuss that here...
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