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Default Re: What is the most over inflated balloon you've seen?
Originally Posted by Katielynn View Post
While in high school, my friend Jackie, was the assistant manager of the floral department at the local supermarket. They did flower deliveries and balloon bouquets. Jackie felt strongly that customers get a good value and always overinflated the balloons. In fact, she required her new employees to overinflate balloons until they burst so she could show them how much more they can be filled than most people think.
Love this She sounds awesome! I wonder how the new employees felt having to do b2ps.

That reminds me of one more! When I was a kid, I was in a shop which gave out balloons and saw this employee being taken to the helium tank which was out back but was able to be seen from the shop floor.

I think he was new and was his first time tasked with the balloon inflating as he fumbled about for a while with the machine and then putting the balloon on it. I was able to watch him as he inflated a couple. Not sure what happened but after a few he didn't seem to stop quick enough and blew one right to bursting He looked a bit taken a back.

hown over to the helium tank in the corner and
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