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Default Re: Other fetishes
Originally Posted by JR Looner View Post
Does anyone bring any of their non balloon/inflatable fetishes into the balloon/inflatable playtime session? I have often wanted to bring together a balloon/other fetish session to see what happens. Any thoughts on this matter?
Yes. Although I don't get to as much as I'd like, I try to mix at least two together.

Originally Posted by EtOHLooner View Post
Smoking fetish, anyone? Love seeing guys smoking, and blowing up balloons with cigarette (cigar, pipe) smoke is a great combination of the two. Especially when the balloon releases a visible cloud of smoke when it's blown to pop! Also cig pops or cigar pops if the guy smokes it enough, but some of them barely smoke before popping, which I don't find nearly as arousing.
Not into guys, and I generally frown upon tobacco use. That said, seeing a chick hitting a joint certainly does something for me.

Originally Posted by infl8doz View Post
PVC clothing, Latex clothing, Breathplay hoods (PVC/Latex), PVC swimsuits, inflatable latex hoods and suits, inflatable pvc suits, and a few other things.. and I vary it around with my inflates and blow up dolls.
All of them except the hoods.
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