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Default Re: Movies involving balloons
Sigh..... The most wonderful movie I've ever seen was "The Red Balloon"
I cought it on Netflix a while back. It was in french with subtitles but the movie hardly has dialogue. It's about a young boy who was walking to school one day & he finds a magic red balloon which is alive & follows him everywhere. The red balloon would float outside his classroom window waiting for the boy & when school let out the red balloon would follow him home. Even if i didn't have a balloon fetish i would still love that movie as it is simply beautiful. Just hearing the boy call out: " Ballon! Ballon! Baaalloooon!" It just warms my heart...the affection he shows for that red balloon...

Warning, spoilers ahead

One day when the boy is walking home a crowd of bullies chase the boy & the red balloon...they become seperated. The red balloon tries to flee by floating down alleyways....the bullies throw rocks & one hits the red balloon.... it slowly starts to deflate & crumple as it sinks to the ground. Then....


One of the bullies finishes off the red balloon by crushing it under his foot...
I cried my eyes out just like the boy in the movie.

The boy is heartbroken...but then something wonderful happens...all the balloons in his home town come alive & start float to him...escaping venders, parties everywhere you'd fine balloons! Hundreds of balloons floating through the streets & buildings! The balloons find the boy & they huddle around him in a big cluster. He starts to float up. The movie ends with the boy floating out over his town & then away

I highly recommend The Red definitely comes with some awesome feels
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