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Default Re: Orgasm without touching yourself
Originally Posted by ninecy View Post
It is definitly possible!
I'm doing this regularly, even without... toys!
you have to have some good imagination...maybe something you can watch.
The trick I use is some indescribable action I do with my legs.
Well, I am a guy and in my case I do not think I am doing kegels nor I think I am trying to lift my knees, however I could say I push my testicles with my legs, I slowly open and close my legs several times so that they are able to press my penis together my testicles, after some minutes I am having an orgasm. Meanwhile I doing that I create several scenarios in my mind about unpoppable balloons being bounce hardly, playballs being abused, pooltoys being crushed, etc, etc. I have done since I was a kid but stopped doing it months before my first cum, that time I felt a lot of pain each time I tried to do it, once I was able to cum the pain faded out.
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