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Default Homecoming - Sleep Over
Jimmie nervously walked up to her front door.* He was about to knock on the door, when Dani abruptly opened it.**"I'm so excited" she beamed as she stepped aside to let him pass.
"Why?* I am over here all the time, and it's not like I have never slept here before.""I know! It's just with everything that happened between us recently, I'm just happy to reconnect with you.**

Jimmie thought about this and it made a lot of sense to him.* Originally he was worried about having to discuss the recent events, but maybe it would do him some good to have some no pressure alone time with Dani.* It had been so weird since the Homecoming dance just a few weeks ago.* Dani's feelings on that night started how they always did when someone bullied him with his phobia as a "press".* He felt betrayed, he felt violated and ashamed.* After some time though, because it was Dani, he had felt a quiet fascination with what happened.* He just kept seeing the face she was making after the balloon exploded.* Her shoulders were hunched, like she flinched, but somehow held it.* The devilish smile on her face was unbearable, on one level he hated her for it, and on another, he felt the primal urge to want to have sex with her.**

Jimmie had no idea how to parse these thoughts.* He always had a thing for Dani, and although he was sexually attracted to her, recently it was like his attraction to her was injected with something out of a comic book that turns normal attraction into a raging maniacal form.* The most recent event, running from the kids in the playground setting off firecrackers of various sizes only made him more confused.* At one point she hugged him, and he became so hard his legs almost gave out.* Although he was scared, quite scared actually, all he could think about was how Dani felt and smelled at that moment.* This of course disturbed him to no end, and most of his spare time was spent thinking about it.**

Jim's attraction for Dani was already strong.* She was wearing baggy grey sweatpants, a white cami and no socks.* Her hair was back in a messy pony tail and she was wearing large silver hoop earrings.* Jim felt that only Dani could look so casual and so sexy at the same time, but he was well aware that he may be biased.**

The night started out how their sleep overs usually did, they chatted about school for a bit, before deciding to order a pizza.* They fought over toppings, laughed a lot and flirted ever so slightly. They watched a movie together until close to midnight, then went up to her bedroom to very likely talk the night away.

"You want a drink?" Dani asked.
"Um...I have one right here" Jim said brandishing a wine glass he ironically filled with pepsi.
"No silly, a real drink"
", sure". Dani produced a bottle of rum and poured a healthy amount into his wine glass of pepsi. She smiled and encouraged him to enjoy it. She took a shot right out of bottle and struck up a conversation about school again, occasionally filling his wine glass up with rum and recharging the pepsi and taking healthy gulps of it herself. They shared three quarters of the bottle before the topic of conversation changed to how much of a bitch her former best friend samantha was for stealing "her man".

Not avid or frequent drinkers they were both feeling the full effects of being lightweights.

"Ahh, he's a dick anyway, you can do so much better than him Dani".
"Ugh...I know, I've just liked him since we were little - he and I used to go to the same karate school."
"You fucking..., I knew you were a ninja the way you snuck on, in, up on me!" Jim said drunkedly.
"Whatever!" Dani said pretending to karate chop him in the neck and then awkwardly falling into him. They both flopped on the bed, Jim's arm around her shoulders. She put her head on his chest and laughed.
"I am soooo drunk" she said then looked up at him and smiled.
"Me too"
"Hey what?"
"With your issues with noise, why'd you get such a...strong reaction to me hugging you the other day?"
"I don't know, I've been thinking about it obsessively for the past few weeks" He offered not realizing the depth of the admittance he just made. He continued
"Like, there are aspects to it I can't stop thinking about..."
"Wait a minute, I was talking about two nights ago, not the dance! What happened after you left me at my house?"
"I've just been thinking about what happened is all!"
"So let me get this straight, you got super mad at me for popping a balloon...and you now can't stop thinking about it?" Dani looked a little upset, but also, strangely excited. Jim on the other hand was starting to realize that he said too much and silently vowed he would never drink again.
"Jim, I'd like to try an experiment, will you let me?"
"I don't know...what is it?"
"Here, lay down" She gestured towards her double bed, and pulled the heavy comforter back. Jim sat on the bed, then relented and flopped on to his back. The alcohol was really catching up to him, he felt like he could fall asleep and started to drowze. Soon he was asleep.
"Wake up sleepy-head!"
Jim was startled awake, he tried to sit up, but found that he couldn't. Dani had somehow tied him down and was sitting next to him with her feet off the bed.
"What the hell?" Jim slurred.
"Just relax and talk to me" Dani said, clearly holding back a smile. She kicked up her feet and a yellow balloon popped up which she caught. It looked like it was from the local pizza place that on demand would inflate helium balloons for younger patrons.

The color left Jim's face.
"Dani, what the heck man!" He said betraying his fear.
"Oh come on Jim, it's just a balloon, it's not overblown or anything" She bopped the balloon at him, it hit him in the nose and he flinched back. She caught it on the rebound off of him and laughed.
"There's no threat to it Jimmie, everything is ok!" she smiled warmly, gently digging her square red nails into the sides.
"DANI! Your nails!" He said very alarmed. She just giggled, and then secured the balloon in one hand and rubbed her nails down his arm.
"These types of acrylics aren't sharp sillyhead" Jim relaxed ever so slightly. His breathing was returning to normal, and although terrified, he was a bit embarrassed at how tight his pants had gotten. Unfortunately for him, Dani noticed too.

"Mmmm she said, this is a good start" Dani was eyeing the small tent that was forming next to her. "Let's see what we can do about this". She started batting the balloon straight up, gently pushing it up with her knuckles and letting it come down. She gave Jim a look he had never seen before, it looked like anticipation of something great and then violently clapped her hands together on the balloon. It popped and Jim visibly shook in his restraints.
"Dani! I can't fucking believe you!" She just laughed it off, then laid down next him and put her arm around him. He was furious with her, but his crotch was betraying that emotion and although he was glaring into the side of her head, he wasn't resiting her anymore.

"It's totaly ok to like it Jimmie" she said softly. "I don't think it is weird or anything". He turned to look at her and they stared into each others eyes. He was about to say something when Dani beat him to it.

"Hey Jim?"
"Want to hear something really loud?"

Every muscle in his body tensed.

"No!, No I don't!" he exclaimed.
"I don't know Jimmie, your pants are saying something else". She said as she leaned on him to reach into her pocket. In her hand she held out a large what looked like black balloon.
"This is a 16 inch balloon. Not the loudest, but it will do nicely" she said with a wink.

She started blowing into it, steady breaths and within a few seconds the balloon was already bigger than the printed one she clap popped. As the balloon started to fill, Jim saw that it was not black but was a crystalline blue.

"Dani, why are you doing this to me" he pleaded. "Seriously, you are killing me!"
"Oh hush, no one ever died from hearing a loud sound! You should see, or should I say hear what we do at my cousin's house on the 4th, now THAT is loud". She said delighted, looking wistfully into her own memories as she puffed more air into the now giant balloon.

Her nails contrasted so perfect and he momentarily lost himself in awe at how her slightly olive skin, the red of her nails and deep blue of the balloon contrasted. He shook it off.

"Dani! NO!" he pleaded. The balloon now looked like it did right before the one at the homecoming party popped.
"Dani no!" she mocked back, gave him that awful devilish smile again and blew extra hard that time into the balloon, craning her neck forward do the nub at the top of the balloon was just inches from his face.
"Jesus Christ Jimmie, you are hard as a rock she said as she puffed into the balloon again, this time her free hand gently touching his crotch.

Tears started to form in Jim's eyes. Dani noticed this and stopped blowing. She leaned forward, careful to separate the balloon from either of their faces. She kissed him gently on the lips. He looked shocked.

"It's going to go in 4-5 more breaths Jimmie, and it is going to be really, really loud." She said looking super serious.
"I hate you, I fucking hate you he said" through nashed teeth.
"No you don't, you love me, and have since we met" she said casually. Some of the look of hatred left his face. She was right, although he hated this, some tickle in his mind wanted all of this. She touched his cock and kissed him after all.

"I'm going to make this so much better for you" she said. She bit down on the nozzle of the balloon and pulled her pants off. He had never seen her naked before and here she was naked from the waste down. She then pulled his pants down. His erection felt huge, his eyes were wide and full of terror. She straddled him, and he immediately felt her warm and complete wet insides surround his cock. He moaned and she took the balloon out of her mouth and smiled in pure ecstasy.

"Now, that's better" she said as she blew into it. "I bet it goes in 3 more" Jim's eyes were rolled back, he was there and not there, wrapped in ecstasy and terror. She gently rocked forward and back and brought Jim back to reality. Their gaze locked and she smiled again as she prepared to blow again. Jim squeezed his eyes closed and Dani blew into the balloon again.

"Oh it is so close now, it's going to be a good loud one Jimmie" she said
"Just shut up and fuck me" Jim said.
"Mmmmm...ok sweetie" she said. She rocked back and forth a little more forcefully. They both moaned

"This is it Jimmie, it's going to be so fucking loud" she said as Jimmie started to rock upwards into her, he was about to explode when he bravely opened an eye and saw her put the balloon in her mouth. She gently closed her eyes and blew as she rocked forward...

The balloon exploded, and it was a deafening bang. It didn't seem to snap or split but to actually explode into tiny shreds. A split second later he lurched upwards hard and came, screaming. Dani started to scream too and rock even more violently.

After a few seconds that felt like hours, she rolled off him and undid his bonds. She looked at him sheepishly, and he could clearly see that she had no idea how he was going to react. He leaned ever so slightly forward and she embraced him. He was trembling like he had a high fever but it slowly began to fade as she kissed him deeper and longer.

Some time passed and they separated, and just stared at each other.

To be concluded.
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