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Default Re: Musings of a PVC looner for the forthcoming summer of 2018
The internet is definitely where it's at for buying inflatable toys these days, although it seems like Google and Amazon go out of their way to prevent you from seeing what might be had in other countries. If you're looking for something specific, using Google's Image Search with specific inflatable keywords might help find you something interesting.

It wasn't too hard to get to work with me on a toy. If you have some ideas you want to make happen and Google Image Search comes up dry, I'd be happy to give you some pointers on the process and how to approach them. I wasn't asking for much, though, just wanted to get some toys made. The fox Ride-On I worked with Rawr on seems like one of their big sellers if their "top sellers" list is anything to go by. Rawr did most of the heavy lifting on that one, though -- I just told him I wanted a fox ride-on similar to the old intex ones, and his first concept drawing is pretty much what we went with.

It sounds like inflatableworld's shiny toys would be right up your alley, if you haven't checked them out yet. Their vinyl is soft and supple, smells great and has no printing on it. They can somewhat expensive, but a lot less so than a full custom toy.
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