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Default Re: Musings of a PVC looner for the forthcoming summer of 2018
Those Sunnylife toys are very nice inflatables; I have two of their 'rainbow' rings, and they are beautiful, really good quality and extremely durable. But they are bloody expensive, especially given the essentially throwaway nature of inflatables (and the Sunnylife toys also have the problem that they take an age to inflate and deflate, which doesn't exactly make them user-friendly for the average customer). I suppose well-off people who'd spend 20 on an inflatable instead of a fiver for something similar probably wouldn't be bothered about abandoning or popping one of those Sunnylife floats at the end of the day.

I spotted them very expensively in the shops here in the UK last summer, but ended up getting a couple at bargain prices online in the sales just before Christmas
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