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Default [youtube] Ohhh man, if I had my own unit / apartment. :(......
Was sitting around watching various youtube vids last night, mainly non balloon related. However this one came up in my suggested picks, and hells bells, to say I had a boner is an understatement. This was one of those moments where I wish i could buy these, and go hell for leather.

I know many here love riding and playing with these GLs, but for me, it would be laying on my bed naked (belly up), and having that brand new shiny glossy purple GL 1200 gently rolling across my body. I don't think a youtube vid has ever got me so HOT in such a long time.

If I got some, I could blow them up, but I'd have to let them down again, as living in a rental, I often get unexpected real estate inspections, so this GL fantasy will have to wait until I get my own place. I just find inflating and uninflating balloons oxidizes them much quicker. In my own unit, I would just leave them in a cool dry dark corner still inflated when not in use, which would minimize the oxidation. When balloons pass this point, they don't do anything for me anymore.
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