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Old 13-09-2019, 03:10 PM
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Default Looner question
I consider myself a looner for the simple reason that i love everything about balloons, the smell , the sight of big balloons, and the fact i get sexual gratification from balloons . So if someone comes in contact with a balloon and / or they purchase balloons for the only purpose is to bust em WITHOUT any sexual stimulation at all ,would they be considered a looner ?
Big tight shiny balloons
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Old 13-09-2019, 03:36 PM
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Default Re: Looner question
That depends on the definition of looner.

Is it a sexual fetish by default? Or is it a fetish that can be sexual, but is non-sexual by default?

Things are different for each person. If a fetish is sexual by default, then the answer would be no.
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Old 14-09-2019, 03:05 AM
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Default Re: Looner question
Well tbh the way we define ourselves is quite complex. We often tend to ask "do u love balloons?", " do u love popping them?". And if yes, we quickly jump to the conclusion tht the person is a looner. No, that's not the case everytime.

We all looners definitely had some kind of experience in our childhood with balloons, be it fear, simple pleasures of playing with it, curiosity, etc. But as we all know, puberty is such kind of phase where even the simplest of pleasures are used for sexual enjoyment right? Therefore, we all started enjoying balloons in a sexual manner due to our heightened hormonal imbalance during the initial peak phase of puberty. But that's not the case with everyone who loves balloons. Its just a normal thing for them like the way u enjoy gaming, having ur favorite ice cream, enjoying your fav sport, etc.

I do have few of my female friends who innocently love balloons, and some do enjoy blowing and popping too. But are they looners? No! Its just a simple fun thing for them. Such people's reaction to balloons is similar to those whenever we spot something which we love and we squeal in utter joy "Yeah! I love them!" If u r enough friendly and share an unbreakable bond, u may ask "do u feel excited?" The answer would be "what?! Who gets excited by a balloon lol!" or they would just laugh out loud. In fact, I lost one good friend cuz I revealed myself being a looner. Thereafter I never ever told any of them abt this thing.

Hence, the conclusion is: looners are those who satisfy their sexual needs with the help of a balloon and this behavior is conditioned during the puberty phase (for most of them).

Sorry for such long explanation....I guess I helped u with your question

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Old 14-09-2019, 12:23 PM
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Default Re: Looner question
Generally speaking, you can have a fetish for something, and you can have a sexual-fetish for something. But they aren't the same.

You may have a fetish for doing housework, but it may not be sexual. If, however, you enjoyed doing the housework stark naked, and it gave you a sexual thrill, then that would be the definition of a sexual fetish.

In the original example, if you just enjoy popping balloons, and it's not for any kind of sexual thrill or enjoyment, then no, it would not be a sexual-fetish - merely a fetish. However, one could argue that it's not even a fetish. It's just stress-relief.

Ultimately, for me, the dividing line is whether people do something because it sexually pleasures them or their partner, or sexually arouses them - intellectually or physically. If it's sexual in any way, shape or form, then yes, it's a kink/sexual fetish. If not, then it isn't.

Plenty of people enjoy bursting balloons, or even interacting with them, but it'll only be on very specific occasions (a party, for example), and it will be wholly non-sexual. Ergo, it's not a fetish for them. It's more akin to most of us eating ice-cream. If it's only done on occasion, and it's something many people would do because it's fun, but offers absolutely no sexual kick/thrill, then it's not a fetish, nor a sexual fetish.

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Old 14-09-2019, 03:16 PM
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Default Re: Looner question
LoudPopper addressed this question with a story about friends who like balloons, but not for sexual stimulation. He coined the term balloonicorns for them. You can find the thread here:

I think LoudPopper makes a really good point. And I think we need to welcome those folks into our relatively small Looner community in some way. (Consider that straight folks can be good friends with LGBTQ folks, and vice-versa.)

I would also point to those who peruse clips4sale that "Anna POP" and her friends really enjoy popping balloons. Her story on the balloons-united blog seems to suggest that she does it for fun and not necessarily for sex.
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Old 17-10-2019, 01:32 PM
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Default Re: Looner question
My boyfriend absolutely loves to burst balloons and always has, but it has never been in any way sexual for him and until he met me he didnt know that it could be for some people. I think "looner" is connected to the fetish end of things so he isnt really a looner I think. In the same way someone can like the way trainers/sneakers look as a fashion thing, and others find them a turn on. The person who just likes them wouldn't really be said to have a fetish for them. But it comes down to how the person feels themselves i think. Terms like looner aren't set in stone i think
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