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Default Hello
It is so cool to find this community. I have been aware of my fetish since I was a teenager and was asked to help inflate some balloons for a party. It was something I kept to myself until about a year ago when my wife found some balloons. Thankfully, she was cool about it, and accepted it for what it is.

I enjoy inflating balloons along with the feel and sensation of the balloons. I had always wanted to experiment with the larger sizes, and since my fascination is out "in the open,", I have been able to find sizes up to 96" round (my wife was a little freaked when she saw me inflating that one... but it turned it really good ).

It is nice to see that I am not the "only" person with this particular interest.

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Default Re: Hello
Hi, and welcome Yeah, you're certainly not alone, while balloons aren't my kink, several people here and on other sites seem to enjoy them a lot and glad to hear your wife took it well!
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