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Lightbulb A Note on Civility and Respect...
Hey all,

Recently joined as a registered member here and I have to say, thereís some wonderfully open and honest sharing going on here. Iíve identified as having an inflatables fetish since my teen years, and specifically am turned on by women mouth inflating pool floats and large toys.

Anyone who is familiar with the American political scene knows how civil discourse has gone to shit over on my side of the pond over the past two plus years. Now Iím not here to talk politics; I just feel like it canít be said enough that kindness and respect for one another can go a long way.

Weíve got a wonderful forum here for balloons and inflatables with a lot of varied interests within this broad category. Our moderator has done a terrific job of setting up targeted categories in order to keep discussion focused and I think thatís excellent.

Anyhow, Iím a male, pushing 40, and I feel Iíve learned a thing or two about the world and how to balance sharing of myself and making others comfortable. My fetish, for example, does tend to have voyeuristic properties to it. If I take my family to a lake with open swimming, thereís bound to be a mother or two inflating pool toys for her children. I am aware of my fetish and while I might take a casual glance over occasionally, I am careful not to stare and definitely am mindful about any behavior that might creep someone out or make anyone feel uncomfortable.

Likewise, here on this forum, it is just as important to be respectful and kind to our fellow commenters when they are opening up. Canít speak for everyone else, but I still feel ďweirdĒ at times admitting to my interest in what others perceive to be childrenís toys. This is the mental health therapist in me speaking, but I feel itís important for us to support each other in finding comfort and acceptance with the sources of our arousal. We all have different things that tickle our fancy and I suspect that a lot of people have unique fetishes than are willing to admit. Bully for us in being able to open up and share with one another.

Fellow men, it is likewise important to avoid scaring our female compatriots away. They are looking for a safe space too and just because they are here does not mean that they want to swap pictures, meet up, or engage in balloon/inflatable play with us. I know what the inflatable experience is like for me and am very curious to learn more about what it is like for others.

I will engage in discussion and talk with anyone regardless of gender, sexual preference, or anything else. I may not be as active in the balloon areas as it is not my thing, save for the occasional video of a woman blowing hardcore into a huge balloon.

I will support. I will share. And I will be grateful that such a forum is open to me. Thanks all!
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