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Default Re: a question about standard qualatex balloons
Originally Posted by sonarloon View Post
I'm speaking of the standard qualatex balloons, the q16, q24, etc. What do they typically have printed on them?
Hi Sonarloon. The answer to your question is simple. Standard, or plain coloured Qualatex balloons, are just that - plain. They have no logos, no printing on them of any kind. They are blank. As you have been blind from birth, I'm not sure whether you'd be able to tell of the difference (simply by touch or smell, for example) between one plain colour and another.

Some plain colours might be thicker or thinner than others, but generally speaking, without someone to assist you, it'd be quite hard to tell.

Likewise, sometimes telling what colour a balloon is without stretching it, or partially-inflating it, can be hard even for sighted looners. Some colours look identical in their packets, and someone will only see the true colour, once it's been partially or fully inflated. Jewel-tone colours like Dark Purple, Dark Blue, and Dark Green can look nigh identical in their packs. But even certain shades of orange, peach and pink can look very similar if you aren't careful.

Qualatex themselves may be able to help you more. If you live in the United States you can call their Customer Service helpline on:


If you live elsewhere in the world, this following weblink has a list of numbers you can call, that may be able to advise you further...

I hope that helps a bit.
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Default Re: a question about standard qualatex balloons
Hi Sonarloon
I think that BallonboyUK has said everything.
Personally I have met standard Q16 and 24 as just plain balloons with no print and Q16 with smile, winked smile, spray patterns and (rose and red only) with hearts. Q24 standard colors were spray painted and (red) with "I love you" or swirling hearts. There is no difference in smell and capacity of the printed and unprinted ones.
Hope it helps
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