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Default Re: To scared to tell or ask
I have to say, this is an amusing thread...

I can identify with the initial scenario that shyguy describes, I've been there - and its frustrating as hell. It starts out as all fun and exciting and one day you realize that she isn't quite as into it as she was in the beginning...

To be honest, Jimmy's advice has been my default reaction on past occasions.

But, as the others have pointed out it usually will not yield the desired result.

Just talk to her about it. If she doesn't want to hear you out than it may be sign of more significant issues than our silly fetish.

Just keep in mind it's your kink, not necessarily hers.
I've been down this road more than once, and I can say from experience that being open about what you want, and receptive to what she wants will lead to good things!

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Default Re: To scared to tell or ask
Originally Posted by shyguy View Post
once a month if she feels like it at the moment we have a balloon session but only if i make it happen. I have to plan it and arrange it from beginning to end.
I don't want to have to ask her if she wants to play with balloons. Feels one way and a bit lonely
Hi shyguy,

I think quite a few looners here would be very happy with such a fearless popper as your girlfriend. Even if they only have balloon sessions once a month when they arrange it themselves. Count your blessings!

Having said that, you do want her to surprise you with a balloon session, that she arranges. Which is a desire you should take serious.
As already suggested, the best solution is to talk to her and tell about your wishes. It's hard, I know, but most likely you get the most results from such an approach.

I want to tell a bit about my own experiences, not saying you do the same, but it may be helpful for you or others.
I also wanted my partner to join playing with balloons and take the lead as well. But the mistake I made, was to limit her. I didn't want her to waste rare balloons, so I only gave her a limited amount of (more or less common) balloons to set up. Also I complained when balloons were not completely inflated (which was the reason for me to not give her the larger balloons btw). During play I took over control.
So this all let her to think she wasn't doing things right and not wanting to do it anymore. Had I been more respectful, we might have enjoyed balloons in a better way.
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