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Old 17-07-2019, 04:15 PM
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Default Re: Over Acceptance?
Fellow looners, dont rise to him he is juats a troll and saying it to get a reaction, best thing to do with little children like that is to ignore them.
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Old 19-07-2019, 03:48 PM
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Default Re: Over Acceptance?
JImmy22 - You're behaviour is odious, and even though you're already on my Ignore List, you have NO right to post this kind of disgusting stuff. I've reported you again, and I really hope that someone stops you from having the ability to post here, permanently.

It's. Not. Cool!
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Old 19-07-2019, 10:11 PM
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Default Re: Over Acceptance?
Fun fact, Freedom of speech does not apply on a private forum, secondly it is not white knighting, you are just as much of a weirdo as we are, I mean come on we have a thing for BALLOONS. This thread simply served to ask if others feel uncomfortable with having family members accepting it to another level, it does not imply that I have an Oedipus complex. Frankly your consistent need to make uncalled for comments carries a perceived implication that you may have sexual feelings for your mother, It is human nature to be hyper-aware of others with the same perceived insecurities you have. Some like you feel the need to attack others for it to make yourself feel normal, others embrace it and some disregard it.
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