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Old 19-10-2018, 10:37 AM
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Post Starting sizes
As I have said I am a very new looner
I was wondering what size I should start with
I can go up to 91 cm/36 in
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Old 19-10-2018, 11:32 AM
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Default Re: Starting sizes
Everyone's preference is different, but balloons smaller than 9 inch (23cm) are very hard to pop (especially b2p) and not very interesting. Balloons larger than 16 inches (40cm) are much more expensive and take too long to blow up. Either of those or anything in the middle is better for me.
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Old 19-10-2018, 05:07 PM
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Default Re: Starting sizes
Originally Posted by srob2 View Post
Everyone's preference is different, but balloons smaller than 9 inch (23cm) are very hard to pop (especially b2p) and not very interesting. Balloons larger than 16 inches (40cm) are much more expensive and take too long to blow up. Either of those or anything in the middle is better for me.
First of all, welcome to the community! As I take it, it seems like you're even new to exploring the fetish? If so that's so wonderful and exciting! Learning what you love about balloons and exploring in your early phase is one of the most exciting and rich times for different experiences. I wish you many years of happy looning. Regarding where to start I think the post above is spot on. Everyone's preferences are different and in time you will eventually land on specifically what you want or are looking for in balloons. That's one of the most wonderful aspects of balloons. There are so many different kinds and shapes and sizes! Some balloons are harder and some softer when inflated. Some are durable and difficult to pop, some are fragile. And there's just so many things you can do with them!

I've had an attraction to balloons for about 25 years now and I've been actively looning (or participating in balloon play) and enjoying the sexual side of balloons for maybe about 21 years. In all my years, I have found my interests in balloons evolve and form based on every new experience I've had with them and all of the various types of balloons I've encountered or experimented with. I'm sure this will happen to you, and I hope you enjoy every moment of it.

When it comes to where to get started, I'd ask myself a couple of questions first. Are you able to point out what you like about balloons? Do you know what you like to do with them so far? Do you like popping? Do you prefer not to? I think that's a good place to start off with concerning which balloons you want to start out with because all different types of balloons can fit you preference for what you want to do with them.

For me, I'm a huge popper and the explosion is the most important part of the balloon experience to me (although I love playing with them too). So for me, I prefer balloons that make the loudest sound when they go BANG, they shred apart in tons of pieces when they explode, they're not overly difficult to pop but still challenging, and that they're moderately big (16" to 17") to provide an exciting challenge and stir up some tension inside of me because of their size before going BOOM. So I prefer Unique/Mexico 16" and Tuf-tex 17". Uniques are more fragile so they're easily poppable despite their size. And Tuftex are durable and provide a challenge, and get super huge (much more than expected) before going off with a tremendous sound. That size of balloon is also fairly big so I can get physical with them and enjoy riding, humping, sit to popping, etc. as well but not too big that I have a hard time popping them by blow-to-pop or other methods at will.

If you enjoy riding and humping (whether you pop or not) probably go bigger and more durable (maybe loons "24-36" and bigger). Cattex is generally a good brand that's more affordable but good quality. They make big and soft balloons that can take a lot of physical abuse if you prefer skin to skin contact. If you find over time that you prefer harder balloons, qualatex is a good place to start and maybe Tuf-tex (but those are most available between 12", 16", 24" and occasionally 36"). I'm sure someone on here who knows a lot more about big balloons than me can help you there especially if you wanna go super big.

If you like just being around balloons and being intimate with them you can go either large like before or smaller 9-12"ers. They give you a lot of balloons you can fill up quickly and enjoy. Smaller loons are usually cheap though and mass produced so they're not always the highest quality. But again, if it's popping you wanna enjoy, it's a good place to start bc they're not to overwhelming in size, they're pretty fragile for the most part, they're not generally super loud if you're still worried about sound. You can easily pop them in tons of different ways, and they inflate quick so they're always easily accessable for play. For me, if I want to pop a whole lot of balloons in one session (like 50, 100 or more) I use a lot of them. Also smaller balloons are a lot easier to transport if you want to enjoy them perhaps in places besides your bedroom, or around people.

I don't wanna ramble on any further, but I hope this helped. But like it's already been pointed out, you'll find your preferences over time. And in my opinion you'll find the right balloons for you based on what you like about balloons and what you prefer to do with them. Take what I said with a grain of salt though, I can only really give you advice from a popper's prospective. So my opinions about balloons are based on what you can do to them and how to make them pop. I can go on an on about this, and if it's popping you enjoy and you have any questions I'm here. But if you have fewer popping tendencies or are a non-popper, I'm sure someone else can give you more guidance. Welcome and happy looning to you, friend!
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Old 20-10-2018, 06:44 AM
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Default Re: Starting sizes
I can agree with what loudpopper said its all in what you like to do with them. As for me im a nonpopper so i moreso enjoy the larger loons as they are better for humping. I dont mind an occasional 12' here and there. Just grabbed a bag from my local grocery store and although the quality isnt the best i was finally able to neck my first loon and it was a huge turnon but yeah if nonpopping is your think i would be happy to chat more with you if you have any questions or would like a buddy to chat with.
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