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Default Re: Not Alone!!
I myself thought i was the only one with the fetish as well. Im truly happy to have found this site. Would love to chat and get to know other looners more. Over the years as i started seeing more of it on the internet i started really indulging in it. Happy to hopefully get to chat with others like myself as its honestly hard to confess the fetish to friends and loved ones but i love chatting about it!
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Default Re: Not Alone!!
I spent roughly eight years thinking I was alone in the world. I started on this journey before the internet became publicly available. I remember going to the public library searching psychology books and even "dream interpretation" books trying to find out what was "wrong" with me. I was embarrassed and ashamed of these feelings and confused because I didn't understand it or myself.
I didn't have the word "fetish" in my lexicon yet. So I had no idea what I was feeling and fantasizing about was even called (yet.) It was an overwhelming experience to find this community of others like myself. This community has been my "support group" for twenty years now. I am thankful that I found others like myself and to not feel so alone in the world.

Twenty years? I can't believe it's been that long. Let's hope this community sticks together (in one way or another) for at least another twenty!


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