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Default Re: The Life Of A Looner by CuteBalloon84
The Life Of A "Looner" - Part 8 - By Cuteballoon84...

After this whole endeavour, I was quite up in the skies with my head. I felt relieved and excited by this experience. We walked back into the town centre and ordered a drink at bar. I was still staring at the balloons the whole time. I was amazed by the amount of balloons and how beautiful they looked.

We hung out with some friends in the corner of the bar exactly where one giant balloon was hanging from the ceiling. My friends started punching the balloon and it bounced back and forth the whole time. I loved the moment of other people interacting with the balloons and couldn't keep my eyes off really. I wondered if there more people that felt the same as me, that thought however made me feel very lonely as i could not talk about it with anyone else. I pondered on it for quite some time.

I knew Irene noticed something this evening, I was behaving to weird and she caught me a couple of time that I was just out right staring for minutes right at the balloons every time. She even asked me out right about that. I was answered quite arrogantly that I thought that the decorations they did for the party was amazing.

We wandered off after a while and saw two girlfriends of mine entertaining the kids in a room next to bar. They inflated multiple balloons and gave them to the kids to play with. One kid had a balloon shoved up under his shirt and was running around like that. We went in and talked to them and then they asked me if we could help them inflate some more balloons.....I literally wanted to sink through the ground. Ofcourse Irene answered : Sure np. I frowned and sighed. She asked me what's up babe ? I told her if we couldn't go do something else please, because I didn't want to inflate and play with balloons.

I knew in my mind if that was going to be case I potentially would cream my pants instantly. So I tried everything possible to get out of there. Well that was a no go, she even got a little frustrated with me. Sheesh cmon we sure can help them out for a little while can't we ? Or does it bother you so much the balloons ?

She looked at me kinda weird, I didn't know what to say really and just dropped the subject before she got really suspicious about it. They took out a box full of balloons all sorts and sized and an electric inflation device. I thought to myself that I would use the opportunity to stuff my pockets with some of these without anyone noticing.

We played with the kids for a while and inflated about 30-40 balloons, with the first going on the nozzle I felt a slight tinkle down there. I saw how it grew very fast between my hands. Nice big and round and so incredibly soft. I was sitting on the ground and tied the first one, putting it between my legs touching my crotch area and with my right foot I pressed it against my penis. Then I inflated more and put them all around me closely. So I could see them. Irene came up to me and said : "See that is fun your enjoying it aren't you?"

Only if she would have known the truth...... When no one was looking I pushed the a balloon between my legs a couple of times on crotch area. After the 10th balloon I was so aroused by it, that it took only a couple more pushes to make me cream my boxers completely.

After this happened, I sat there smiling and blushing. The girls came to gather the balloons and we finally made a move on. I deliberately put like 20 of the balloons out of the box in my right pocket, no one noticed. They thanked us and we left outside, she wanted to talk to me about something and then meet up with our friends afterwards, I agreed and was happy to leave. I felt when walking that my penis was sticking to my wet boxers and it wasn't a real pleasant feeling.

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Default Re: The Life Of A Looner by CuteBalloon84
The Life Of A "Looner" - Part 9 - By Cuteballoon84...

We walked outside, giving me one more good glimpse at the bouquet hanging from the ceiling. Irene was holding my hand and I just couldn't stop smiling. "See I told you you would enjoy yourself!" I had to admit it was quite an amazing experience, but not for the reasons that Irene had in mind.

"Yes I definitely had fun!" I smiled and pinched her left ass cheek softly. We made out in the alley near the entrance. Then she wanted to go to the nearby soccer field, why I asked her what to do you want do there ? Just come with me, let's have some fun! I agreed and off we went. The soccer club was deserted at that time of night and the gate was locked. We sneaked through a hole in the fence and made our way to the most field that was the furthest away from the parking lot.

It was surrounded by trees with meadows on the other side. I would expect it to be pretty dark there at night, but with moonlight we could still see very well. She dragged me to the side of the field and wanted me to lay down. I didn't want to get my clothes dirty and refused, but that didn't last long. She basically dragged me down and jumped on top of me. We were now staring each other in the eyes and made out for quite a while, at a certain point she unbuttoned my jeans and pull them off rather rapidly and threw them to the side. She started undressing herself and was laying on top of me completely naked. My shirt came off and our bodies were now touching each other. That lasted for a while touching and caressing each other. Her vagina was on top my boxers, rubbing back and forth making my penis rock hard. It felt so nice, she noticed that my boxers were wet when she was rubbing it with her hand.

Her hand went in my boxers and found out I was completely sticky down there. She stopped and looked at me quite funny, did you already do it? I didn't know what to say and she pulled off my boxers holding my penis with one hand and my boxers with the other. She showed me a rather large stain in my boxers, that was still wet and sticky. Same for the shaft of the penis, but my there was nothing coming out of the top. What is going on here?

Did you blew your load earlier tonight again? I was just stumbling now, blushing and acting funny. "Erhm Erhm yes apparently...?" How is that possible she asked me? I replied that she turned me on so much. Well I know teen boys can get aroused very fast, but this is not normal sweety

Maybe you need some more excitement hmm? She threw them away and rubbed her vagina over my rock hard penis. I turned her over and started inspecting her body, kissing her breast area and licking her all over. She moaned with excitement. I was caressing her vagina with my hand and she was a little bit holding back disagreeing with that. But then I put my finger in and was inspecting what was happening like a doctor almost.

Must have looked really funny to be honest. I could see that she didn't completely want that, but she was enjoying it anyway and got wet really fast. Didn't take long for her to cum and moan really hard, pulling me on top of her. My penis was rock hard on top of her and after rubbing a little between our two bodies,

I came on her belly button. Which was barely anything much to be honest. She was holding me in her arms tightly, while I actually wanted to go off her. Because it made me feel rather uncomfortable. We hugged and kissed and she told me how much she loved me and what not. I was holding back a little, not knowing how to react to all of this and after some talking I also said that I loved her. It was quite cute to be honest the whole early teenage love thing.

Eventually she let me go and we started getting dressed. I first went to find my boxers in the bushes. I came back and Irene was holding my trousers, looking in my pocket. I froze as I completely forget about the balloons in all the commotion. What is this ? Showing me a hand full of balloons. I saw that there we a couple sticking out of your pocket. I thought to myself ok that's it my life is over, someone found out now and everyone will ridicule me.

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Default Re: The Life Of A Looner by CuteBalloon84
The Life Of A "Looner" - Part 10 - By Cuteballoon84...

I quickly came up with one of my best excuses ever. I was even amazed with myself on how I handled my "discovery". I told her that I put a hand of them in my pocket, when we were busy inflating them for the kids and completely forgot about putting them back. I was actually quite convincing and that story even made sense for me in my mind.

There was something about that moment, though that now when I look back on it was quite awkward. Because even after that story she was looking at me in a way that I can't even express in words. It felt weird and uncomfortable for me, because I was at the brink of being discovered. I knew that she already been suspecting something was not completely normal, now I was standing there in my boxers. With her holding my trousers and a hand full of balloons.

Because there already were some situations with me a balloons that were quite obvious for any person to pick up on. You have something with balloons don't you? She said to me teasingly. This is not the first time that there is something with balloons involved and laughed at me. I reacted as it was just a coincidence and I have absolutely nothing with balloons. I knew in her mind she was going back to the events at Michelle's House, the staring earlier that evening and my weird behavior when it came to balloons.
I dont know if she actually thought that, but thats what i thought.

Trying to make my most convincing pose, but I could feel clearly that I was hot and blushing. She shoved the balloons back in my pocket and gave me my trousers back. I was relieved to be quite honest and got dressed quickly.

There wasn't a word spoken about it when we walked home and said goodnight to each other. I think we were actually already in high school, when this event happened. Our relation still flourished, through that period. But I became way more careful about my balloon escapades after this. It became a secret part of my life more and more. Those balloons that I got that evening, was quite a stash and that lasted me quite a while as I recall.

I would save balloons as I wouldn't tie them any more, but used a string and deflate them afterwards, Occasionally one would pop of course as inflating/deflating balloons makes them weak.

But as now being in High School in the big city a whole new avenue of my fetish opened up, as I now had money and could purchase balloons quite "easily" If you can even call it that in my case. But I can remember quite a lot of times in this time of my life, I would actually scout for balloons.

Meaning that I didn't have any balloons any more, couldn't buy or didn't dare to buy them. So I would scout my town, when I went out hoping there were an birthdays or parties going on and have decorations outside. Which happened quite a lot I must say.

For me that was quite an adrenaline rush as well, because it was the chance of getting caught with it red handed on the spot. Seeing that I was doing this in my own neighborhood the chances were quite big and it was always a risk.

I would sneak over there late at night and snatch most if not all the balloons, it's true I did it. Was quite crazy to be honest, you will have to see it as a middle-aged teen boy basically stealing balloons for his own pleasure. I am not proud of it at all, I did it to feed my desires and lust for my fetish.

I would be running around through my town with sometimes up to 40-50 balloons to all my secret hiding spots in the nature reserve, soccer field and even along the river banks. At one stage I found the perfect spot in an nearby forest, which was quite a walk from where I lived.

You weren't able to reach it by car, bike or anything else. Basically I brought my balloons there and stashed my balloons in holes in the trees if I had any available. It became my favourite spot and I would sneak away from all my friends and girlfriend making all sorts of excuses. You couldn't see it from the road and no one ever went up there, it was a far dreadful walk from the main road

It was completely covered by trees and bushes. I brought blankets, pillows, clothes and everything there. I even made sort of a little hut with planks for when the weather was bad. The most balloons that I ever had inflated there must have been around 100-150, all neatly tied with strings into bouquets and what not. I had no choice I couldn't do it at Home any more and it became too risky to do it closer to my town.

I brought very wide clothes there, like pyjama's from my dad. I would get naked and put those on. Then I would stuff myself completely so I almost couldn't even move any more. I looked like a big balloon, I stretched that clothes so far. It would hold lots of balloons. I would sit in those clothes for hours and roll around. Riding and Humping the balloons until I creamed myself completely. That I could do multiple times and most of the times my penis just kept leaking with cum.

I remember one time, I rolled over with my back already fully stuffed, laying on a cushion of balloons. Then I took out a big balloon (100 cm's) and inflated that on the front of the pyjama's completely. It was so incredibly tight that I almost ripped out of the whole costume. I used a tube to do that and I managed to tie it as well. Problem was I couldn't move, so now I was stuck in my own creation. I lay there on my back for a long time, rolling over my belly was not an option.

I just couldn't do it, I came from the excitement of that fact. I had a real problem though, because I couldn't untie the big balloon that was over my whole front, since I tied it normally. I could feel the knot, but there was no way it was going to go out. So I struggled and struggled and at one point got really worried where I got myself into now. I tried to pinch the big balloon with my hands hoping it would pop. But It wouldn't it was to thick and strong for that. Now I was in some deep shit, nobody knew were I was and I was pretty much helpless. Also I looked on my watch and I already had to rush home. So I kicked myself off from the ground, trying to grapple with my hands and move towards the tree. I moved very slow and the balloons under me didn't even want to pop. It was all protected by a layer of thick cloth. I removed the watch from my arm and tried popping the balloon with the band, also no luck.

It were very durable thick expensive balloons. So at some point I was getting really anxious struggling there alone in the woods, I was going to scream for help even, that's how desperate it became. I just kicked and kicked and shoved a little bit over the ground each time. The balloons were stuffed to just above my feet until my crotch and the big balloon covered the rest of my body. I started crying even hitting my fists on my ground and kicking my legs helplessly. I caught a break at some point and manoeuvred up to the front of my little hut. Took the keys from my trousers and punctured it with all my strength. It went with a load bang and it hurt like hell on my skin.

I quickly got out of the pyjama's left everything laying as it was, got dressed and rushed off home. The next day when I came back, most of the balloons were still at the spot from my suit, A couple blew up in the trees and I recovered most of them and retied everything solid. I inflated another big balloon and decided not to stuff so much balloons in my clothes any more after this affair.

Two days later all my inflated balloons were gone, they demolished my little hut. Threw out my stuff over the whole area and all my balloons were popped. They didn't found my stash luckily. I cleaned up everything from every single little piece of latex laying around and put it all in a plastic bag. I salvaged my balloon stuffing clothes and the rest. I broke down the hut and stacked the wood nicely next to a tree. I made sure everything was cleaned up and moved home with my soul under my arm.

I was sad and depressed and knew now I couldn't stay there, because they would be back. I threw the plastic bag in one of the dumpsters on the way home. Rushed home before my parents were back and I stashed my balloons in an empty box and put a carton on it. So it had a double bottom. The clothes I put on the attic behind a lot of mess. That was the end of that. In part 11 I will go back to the life during High School days, My relation with Irene, Balloon Shopping and the discovery of my secret life.

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Default Re: The Life Of A Looner by CuteBalloon84
The Life Of A "Looner" - Part 11 - By Cuteballoon84...

When I actually went to high school a whole new world opened up for me, I was a boy from a small nearby town and now I was at school in the big city. I wasn't the most popular boy any more and there were 100's of kids now, much older then me. Still almost everyone from my primary school went there and I still remained quite popular under that group of friends.

I started learning a lot about life, basically I had always been captured in my out laying town with a small community. It took me about a year to reach the same level that I was in primary school. I was very athletic and had excellent grades. I excelled at everything in high school and became quickly very popular under all the girls. This brought a lot of stress since I was still with Irene for years now already.

It would make her jealous and got me into all sorts of problems with her. Still I loved her to much and didn't cheat on her once. One time a girl pulled my pants down after gym and started to touch my penis, I got so cross that I pushed her away leaving her crying. The girl was obsessed with me and that wasn't the only one. I just couldn't understand it at the time. I was just a boy, although i understood the concept of being good looking or popular but that was it nothing to be fussed about.

I was with Irene everyone knew that, why were they still chasing me, leaving me love notes and what not. Ok I will be honest, I was quite a golden boy with that had stunning looks. but i developed quite an arrogance because of it. Which until this day i find completely wrong. But it sadly was how i acted and felt.

Any ways I enjoyed my time in High School a lot and it got more interesting over the years. Back to my balloon fetish, with being in the big city I now had the opportunity to buy balloons. I could buy basically all sorts and sizes without having to do a whole lot of work. You had one huge party supply store in the city center, that basically stocked everything. A side from that you had multiple toy stores and retail stores that stocked quite a few as well.

On my first tour through the city I was very nervous. I can remember it as it was yesterday. I had saved up a lot of money to do this and wanted to get myself quite a stash now on this run. As I could finally get what I wanted. I was constantly looking if I didn't see anyone that I knew and would quickly sneak into the toy store to browse what they had. Problem was that I was so nervous I was shaking almost when standing in a store to buy balloons.

In my mind it was not a normal thing for a teen boy my age to be buying balloons. While in fact it could be for any reason not even related to something sexual and the store clerk would never even think about it Because it was an unknown sort of fetish. But even with those thoughts it didn't calm me down and I would act rather weird. I could feel myself blushing at when I was looking at them and bring them to the counter.

Not even to speak about my heart rate that was rushing and the raging hard on in my pants. It was like an adrenaline rush that you don't enjoy. On my first attempt I took out way to much every sort of balloons they had in stock in the toy store and put a big pile on the counter. When the lady looked at me quite funny, I fled the scene rather quickly without looking back.

Then on my second attempt I went to a retail store that also had clothes and stuff. But I thought i could find balloons there. I was amazed as it was quite a big retail store, eventually I found a massive collection of party supplies. There was no one around that section luckily. So I took a basket and browsed for a while, I filled up the bottom of my basket with bags of balloons. Then I walked around and acquired other items to put on top. So no one could really see the balloons in my basket. That's how weird I was with this thing. Because I had to walk quite a while to the counter I could basically run into anyone.

I already had my excuses ready for when I did, been thinking on that for a long time. Eventually I took all the nerve that I had when it was quiet at the counter and walked over. Took out everything quickly and put it on the counter. The lady smiled at me and started scanning my items. I asked for a bag so I could put everything in quickly so no one would see. Then she replied, she would have to get some as she was out. So she left me standing at the counter with all these balloons in front of me. I was panicking moving back and forth the whole time.

My enormous hard on in my pants was bulging out the front of my pants. I constantly was pulling my sweater down to conceal it. Thinking someone would notice it. Eventually she returned scanned the bag and I started packing. She asked me all sorts of questions if I was having a party and what not. I didnt really respond and quickly gave her the money after she was done with shaking and sweaty hands. In my experience this took hours this events. I could feel I was completely red of blushing. She laughed at me a little bit and handed me back my change. I snatched the bag of the counter and fled out of the store. I went to a nearby restaurant, moved into the toilet and sat on the toilet for at least 20 mins. Inspecting what I bought, I pulled my pants down and gave myself some sexual relief. My penis was completely wet and sticky.

I was fantasizing about these balloons and I had quite the orgasm shooting my semen in my face and over my sweater. I sat there dazzled for a while by that, not really knowing what to do. I took some tissues and cleaned myself up as best as I could. Know I had all these stains on my sweater and it smelled. With some soap I tried to clean it a little bit, but only made it worse. With the hand drying fan, I managed to at least dry it a little bit, but as it was a black sweater you saw it pretty well. After that I decided I needed to buy more balloons, took all my nerve and went to the biggest party store in the city

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Default Re: The Life Of A Looner by CuteBalloon84
The Life Of A "Looner" - Part 12 - By Cuteballoon84...

Walking through the city, I started to doubt my decision to go the party store. One of the main reasons was that it was in the middle of a social hub for young people around the bars, restaurants and popular hang out places for people from my school. Even on the way there I ran into multiple people, that I had a quick conversation with about raves going on that weekend and what not. I saw it now coming up from around the corner it had two pillars with balloons standing outside with a beautiful 60-70 cm red balloon on top.

The shop windows were decorated with all sorts of costumes and party accessories as well as balloons. I had only been in there once while I was a really small boy, it changed owners since and I had no idea who owned this party store. That they were quite successful was a fact, so it was never quiet in the shop. While looking at it coming closer I thought let's just get my bicycle and go home, I am not ready for that. Besides I already "scored" a load of balloons. The thing that kept pushing me was the fact that I wanted to buy really big balloons 50 cm and up. I stood there checking it out from a distance for a while, seeing if there is anyone I knew around. I had a cigarette calmed myself down and just observed.

Eventually I went into a bar that had a view on the store and ordered a beer. I was under age but they still gave it to me. I was constantly observing what was going on in and around the party store area. I ordered one more beer, paid my bill and walked towards it. It was the end of the afternoon so it was getting more quiet everybody was going home for diner.

As I came closer I saw that these balloon pillars were pretty huge, making something down in my pants quite huge as well. I already had a full blown hardon in my pants again and wasn't even at the store yet. I got really nervous and my heart started pounding heavily again. I crossed the balloon pillar on the left hand side and deliberately walked into it to feel it.

I opened the door and stepped in. I neatly closed the door behind me and tried to take a deep breath. When I turned around I saw my ultimate store for my desires, they had everything from costumes, to clown products and most importantly lots and lots of balloons. There was a rack at the front of the store that just had age balloons, I started to browse those, hiding a little from the staff and other people in the store.

The last ones basically went past me in like 30 secs and now was in the store alone with a 4 member staff and the owner. I felt quite uncomfortable as I knew, someone would approach me soon enough to help me. I saw two staff members going to the back and took the opportunity as there was only one girl behind the counter now. I made my way to the biggest balloon assortment I have ever seen in my life.

I was pretty excited and happy about that, completely forgeting about all the other challenges I still needed to face to actually acquire them. I started browsing and picking what I wanted.....then all of a sudden a girl showed up from the back she must have been 19, while I was 16. She smiled at the me and could see she liked my looks, Hi there ! Can I help you with something ? I started to stutter at this point as I was completely stunned. ons!

She smiled at me in flirtish kind of way, Ok sure we can help you with that! She took me a little further in the store at a counter and started showing me big round balloons from 50cm to 200cm and zeppelins in all big sizes. Is this what you are looking for ? Those are quite big, can I ask what you are using those for? answered quickly.

My cock was throbbing in my pants, ready to explode with all of this. The prices were quite high on those balloons and I didn't know if i wanted to go through with this. I was thinking of leaving the store. She saw I was a bit indecisive and wanted to go.

Just wait for a minute let me show you something and smiled, I agreed and she walked off in to the back of the store.

I quickly turned away facing the counter and rubbed my aching penis a little bit up and down on the front of my pants. She returned quite quickly and she brought.....a whole range of inflated big balloons. I thought I was going to faint, my face went completely red and I really felt like a big child buying balloons almost getting caught stealing candy in a candy store.

It felt so humiliating that semen started running out of my penis by that experience. I responded : Wooow, those are are are big...
She had multiple of 50cm red,orange,green,blue,purple and 2 of 85 m Pink and White, then 1 of 100cm Blue and 1 of 150cm Orange. Plus she had a lot of standard balloons in all colors that were all also 35-40cm. Now this what we have and she started showcasing them to me.
She somehow already knew I was going to buy all of the big ones, so she handed me 4 of 50 cms on a string in my hand. It felt so embarrassing the whole situation for me, my penis however was enjoying it very much.

Just standing there with 4 big balloons in my hand floating above me on a string in public, was something that turned me on so much.
She pulled the balloons down and squeezed them. She made me feel them as well and with the second one I tried,
I released my load right in front of her and her big balloons. I couldn't take it anymore and even moaned a little bit softly. You allright she asked me ? While my penis was erupting in my pants, making my whole boxers wet and sticky. The feeling was unbearable and I tried rubbing my cock between my legs a little bit when she was not looking.

Yesss, yes I am allright...all those balloons ...I don't really know what to pick. Then she handed me the biggest one she had in stock. The balloon was much bigger then I was and I couldn't even look over it. The girl pushed it to the ground, so it was sitting between her and myself. You can sit on it, just try she said. Ehmm, there were all sorts of people in the store now and some were looking what was going on. It was humiliating...I rather not I said...Oh cmon it won't pop trust me.

So I dropped my bag leaned forward and was laying on it with my whole body. Instant resurrection of penis. See how strong these are she said and started to push on it so I moved up and down a little bit. Only if she would had known. That was a divine moment for me and actually never wanted to get off, I forgot about the whole world around me. She saw I was enjoying it and giggled.

I got off and she brought them back to the counter and tied them next to the teller, so I could clearly see them. I told her I would take 20 of 50cms 10 of 85cm 5 of 100cm and 2 of 150cm and 5 bags of bigger then standard balloons (500). That is quite the party you are organizing hmmm?
Now teasing me and flirting with me, while she was getting everything together. Another girl rocked up to help her and brought my other bag to the counter that I left on the floor in all the commotion. When she put it on the counter, they could see the bags of balloons i already purchased.

Both now looking at me kind of surprised and smiling, hmm you want a new bag for everything? Errr Yes please I responded. She emptied the contents of the bag and there must have been at least 750 balloons in total. Both frowned now a little bit at me as I didn't say much and was impatiently going back and forth, blushing as hell. When they finally had everything on the counter it looked like a mountain of balloons all together. Hmmm that would then be ..I was shocked a little bit wow that much hey hmm.

Gave her my bank card as I didn't have enough to pay for that (stupid me) and paid for the balloons. The girls packed everything in one bag and wished me all the best. They both were looking at me very weird when I walked off with a giant bag full of balloons. It was the end of the afternoon and I had to rush home, as my parents would be home in 2,5 hours and I still had to hide all my balloons somewhere. I was clueless on how I was going to do that and realized I bought way to many much balloons.

Now what was I going to do with them all. I had a lifetime supply of balloons (or at least that's what I thought back then) I hurried myself to my bicycle tied the bag on the back bender and raced home. Luckily I still had 1,5 hours to figure out were I was going to leave all those balloons. I had an enormous room on the second floor of the house, with two walk in closets. I raced up stairs wiped everything off the table and started unpacking the bags. I sorted everything in front of me, locked the door to my room. Disposed of all my clothes very fast Took one balloon out of the packet 50 cm inflated it quickly, took my penis and shoved it in through the nozzle. That was the first time I did that and it felt amazing. I bounced it up and down on my penis and came inside the balloon.

I deflated it with my semen still in put it in the packet and was now running around my room naked, hiding all these balloons. I had a secret compartment in my walk in closet, where I stored half of them mostly the bigger ones. The rest I stored in a metal box that I had with a key normally for money. I unpacked all of the balloons and put them loose in the metal box. The metal box barely closed on me, but I managed to get it locked. I put that box in my second closet and hide the key between my school books. I was getting dressed when I heard the door downstairs that my parents, were home. I yelled hello and said I was taking a shower before diner....
I somehow pulled it off and it would be some time before i had to go for another run at least..

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Default Re: The Life Of A Looner by CuteBalloon84
The Life Of A "Looner" - Part 13 - By Cuteballoon84...

Sometime went by in High School and me and Irene were closer then ever. We even discussed things like being together for the rest of our lives at such an young age already. We were completely in love with each other and I got her outmost respect for handling situations that involved other girls hitting on me and even trying to get me by sexual interactions.

We had our first real sex around 15-16 and enjoyed it both a lot, that didn't obviously take away my insane desire for sexual interaction with balloons.
I was happy as my parents were away quite often, given me all the free space to do what I liked to do with balloons in my own house. Safe from being discovered. I had weekends were I wouldn't even come outside as my parents were away and I would just walk around in my pyjama's stuffed with balloons all day. I enjoyed that so much and would even sit like that on a Sunday and do my homework in them.

It sometimes was pretty distracting as I certain desires that needed to met, but it felt as my safe haven. Something that made me happy and feel safe. Plus I didn't hurt anyone with it it was just my own private thing, more and more I had the feeling. So what the hell if people know about it? I mean I am not doing anything wrong with what I like as a sexual desire, it is personal. I could understand now very well that people might find it weird and not agree with the way that I make myself happy. But I was getting over it and let my thoughts run freely and asked myself "What if people knew?" it would still be my personal thing. Sure people would be quick to judge but what if i was able to shut that all out and don't care. It were reckless and immature thoughts that i had. Never the less fantasizing was always great back then.

I was even contemplating of just telling Irene about it, we were so close that I felt I could share something like that now. I trusted her...still I didn't and let it go. Stuffing balloons in my clothes became one of my favorite things as well as inflating big balloons and sticking my penis through the nozzle and riding them from the top. I must say that I hurt my penis a couple of times with this as the balloon exploded under my weight going up and down. I always used some sort of lubrication even when stuffing balloons, It used to get tight down there so I was always being thoughtful about this sort of stuff.

The two of most daring things I did in this period, that was actually quite crazy now when I look back at it. For one I went to school with an very small inflated balloon in my boxers with my jeans over it. So the front of the jeans looked a little bit bulky, but nothing someone could notice. I enjoyed that it gave me a thrill and it made me feel nice down there all day long. Only did it once as an experiment. I actually wasn't uncomfortable once i just stopped caring somehow, which i found to be a big mistake afterwards honestly.

Second thing was that I went to soccer field one night with a 150cm balloon and several standard balloons. I waited until midnight then I got naked started inflating the normal balloons until I had 25 bound together in strings. I tied that to my upper body, then I inflated the 150cm balloon, which took me a very long time. While I was doing this I almost already blew my load and really had to think of something else before all the fun was already over.

I managed to get it inflated and shoved my penis into the nozzle. Then I took some standard balloons with strings and attached them on the back end of my penis. Securing the nozzle in to place and tied a couple strings from the front where the standard balloons where around my penis and balls to my back, so it would stay on. Then I picked up the big balloon and managed to get on top of it. This was by the way in the middle of the field and I started humping it up and down. The balloons were pressing against my body making a real hard squeaking noise, After a couple of mins I blew my load into the big balloon and decided to stay on it and hug it.

It felt so incredibly good, was fantastic. I did this because my parents were home that weekend. After laying there for 20mins, I made another round that only lasted very short before I came again and decided to come off it and untie myself. While I was busy doing this and all the strings were completely messy, the lights switched on in the clubhouse. So I knew the terrain master was there to check up on things as there was soccer in the morning, I had to play as well. I freaked out and quickly ran with all the balloons to my pants to get a small knife. I cut everything off safely and decided to let the balloons go, they blew off in to the bushes close by and I very quickly deflated my 150cm balloon behind one of the bench houses.

I got dressed and It put the balloon under my balls in my boxer, so I couldn't get caught with it when I came home. They checked me for drugs and stuff by that age. I managed to sneak out and go home, the next morning I went to the soccer field wondering if my balloons were still hanging in the bushes. I was quite early and went into the bar and there I saw them hanging in the corner, apparently the terrain master found them and put them in the clubhouse...Well I can say after the match I still enjoyed looking at them for a while. And actually thought this was kind of funny as ignorant as i was.

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Default Re: The Life Of A Looner by CuteBalloon84
The Life Of A "Looner" - Part 14...

Sometime passed without anything really in particular happened, I managed to continue my activities without being noticed. This was about to change very soon, as promised I will share my discovery and embarrassing experiences as well regarding this subject. Irene's 16th Birthday was coming up in a few weeks, she came from a very wealthy family with parents that both worked abroad most of the time.

I had been invited to their house in this time to discuss the relationship that Irene and myself had for so long. They notified me that when Irene was turning 16 she would have more responsibility and myself as well. They were going to the US for a long time for business and Irene had to learn to take care of herself. This as a life lesson but also as a trial for us.
Irene had grandparents that lived about 4 km's away and they would check up on her once in a while. We had to promise that we would behave ourselves and even got proper sexual education because they knew we already were having intercourse.

Irene requested that her 16th birthday party was held at her own house without parents. Basically half of our high school was coming over, she was fine with her parents helping to organize, but not with their presence as this was her whole reputation on the line as she said. We received quite some resistance at first, but they knew they couldn't budge with them going away and all for such a long time. So they agreed and would organize everything and leave on the afternoon of her 16th birthday.

What went through my mind straight away was if there were going to be balloons involved, I already decided if this was the case I would tell Irene about my secret that night. To my great pleasure I found out that a professional party decorating company was hired to decorate the whole house including a massive amount of balloons (which happened on request of Irene i found out later).
Caterers were hired to provide food, drinks and waiting services. Even two local famous DJ's were hired with full sound installation, lighting and the whole setup. I was little worried that my little secret would come out in front of the whole school though.

I had big problems to really control myself these days and it was pure lust and hormones racing through my body. One day before the birthday I did everything I could to get off as many times as possible and even in the morning before I went to Irene's I humped a balloon that I had stuffed in my boxers so long I drained myself completely empty. At least I thought so.....

It was on a Saturday and I went there around 10:00 AM, when I arrived I already saw lots of people running around like all hell broke lose. I walked across a van of the balloon decorators and had a little sneak peek in the back of the vans obviously. Irene and her parents were waiting for me with coffee and cake inside, so I just rushed in with her present. We sat down and had a chat for about an hour, while people were working inside & outside.
I already kind of forgot about the whole balloon situation.

Her parents had packed their suitcases and were ready to leave to the US at 4:00 PM, the party would commence at 8:00 PM. We were lectured about the house and everything in it that certain rooms needed to be locked and that all the valuables were locked away in the vault except for a few paintings that needed to be moved. Then we received a whole lecture about alcohol and drugs, they were kind of ok with having a few drinks it was normal on that age back then. But absolutely no drugs and Irene's grandparents were coming to check up in the morning the day and get everything back to normal.

We were in a very tight spot there and all I could do is listen and say yes sir or yes mam. I understood though, but there was nothing wrong in the first place we were both very well raised decent teenagers, if there even exists such a thing Irene's parents went out for a few hours to buy groceries for Irene for the next week and a few other things. I saw people outside starting on the decorating and balloons coming by, I suggested to Irene that we would help them and decorate everything as she wanted to have it. She was so happy and kissed me on the couch, " I love you " where I replied the same and she hugged me tightly.

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Default Re: The Life Of A Looner by CuteBalloon84
The Life Of A "Looner" - Part 15

So eventually went outside to see how things were going, my heart was pumping like crazy again as thoughts about all these balloons were getting back in my mind again and how I was going to manage through this situation all day and night.

They hired a professional company to do the decoration that were there with a team of 4 people, one older gentlemen, 2 girls between 20-24 and a boy of about 19. We came outside and I glanced upon there activities and thought to myself "How do you become a balloon decorator?. You must have some interest for you have to study to become a balloon decorator?" "Would these people experience the same kind of interest as I do perhaps?" I was daydreaming a bit with all these thoughts on my mind and Irene noticed it, she poked me teasingly "You allright sweetie?"

"Hmm, yes sure I just thinking what would be good ideas to decorate the garden for your party" I blushed a little bit. Well let's go speak to them and see what they have planned she answered me. I wasn't very keen to be honest, as I saw that they had boxes filled with balloons and helium tanks and where busy making the pillars for aside the path to the garden. The balloons were a beautiful size in two colors red and white they must have been about 16", they went all the way up to about 1.80 with a stunning big round 30" balloon on top. We walked across a pillar and she looked at it with a smile "I think they do a awesome job huh?" she felt one of the balloons and I felt my face going red and my penis shooting up sky high. "Yes indeed beautiful" I replied quickly and little bit uninterested and walked further towards the two younger girls.

I already couldn't take it anymore and felt like I was going to burst, my heart was beating in my throat. Irene caught up with me and grabbed my hand, the only thing I was thinking the whole time is "Keep your act together " I talked myself into thinking about other things and that calmed me down a little bit with also the fear of being discovered in the back of my mind. After a short walk we stopped at the girls that were inflating 16" balloons and tieing them together for the pillars. They both weren't quite the average type of girls to be honest none the less it was exciting for me to see.

We had some small talk about the party and decorations, then Irene started to delegate them about how she wanted to have the balloons done and offered them some help. They told us to ask the older gentlemen, he was with his boy working on the arch at the entrance of the garden / driveway. While this was all taking place I was staring in the box of balloons thinking how bad I would like to get my hands on that and then the inevitable staring at the girls and how they inflated the balloons.

My penis was now in a rock hard and the t-shirt I was wearing wasn't exactly long enough to cover my bulge completely. I thought I even felt that i was leaking into my boxershorts. I put one hand in my pocket and pushed my penis to the side a bit. Irene asked me if she go ask the gentlemen to help them.. "Ofcourse" I mumbled a bit. I saw a beautiful arch in the making at the front it must have been at least 2.5m high.

We went down to the front and spoke to the guy, which was happy we asked because he had plenty of work to do to get everything ready in time. I admired the way they put the giant arch together, it was also red and white 16" and the pillars would be scattered all the way to the front. I was trying to think of ways to get out of this for me quite intense and embarrassing situation, I felt like I would fill my whole pants regardless very soon if this continued.

I approached the younger boy, who looked a bit nerdy he had one of these "hipster" glasses. I started to talk about sports to see if he had any interest in that. He was into football and we talked for a while about that subject, I was looking away from the balloons. That helped I calmed down a bit and my hardon went down while being distracted.
Somehow the subject landed on balloon decorating though and I asked him some questions out of interest. He was the son of the older gentlemen and they owned the business, so he grew up with balloons. "How awesome" I thought growing up with balloons constantly around to your every pleasure.

We actually clicked quite well and I was intrigued to hear more about the balloon business, decorating and related material. I tried not to be too eager to not arise any suspicion about the subject. He came from the nearby town and I invited him to come around sometime and hang out. He was keen on that so he gave me his fathers business card, his name was Adam. Wow I finally had a friend with a interest in balloons ! All sorts of plans crossed my mind already, but I knew I had to be careful in every aspect with this.

Anyway Irene agreed with the man that we would make strings with bouquets of balloons to scatter around the garden and the house and started to showing us how to do it even..... high in my pants again instantly, now they were both inflating balloons and tieing them to the string in bunches of 4. Then they started to hand us both balloons to do it, now I was standing there with a massive bonerr with balloons in my hand surrounded by 3 people including my girlfriend.

I eagerly did the job though and was actually quite good at it, I even got a comment by Adam that I would be a natural and he winked at me. That i gave absolutely zero thought intention wise.
I blushed nervously. After we tied about 20 balloons to the string, we received a box of balloons and they put a small canister of helium out for us to take with. Irene carried the box of balloons and the string with the balloons. She never looked so beautiful before as that moment and almost couldn't keep my eyes of her. I carried the canister and nearly tripped by my clumsiness.."I need some satisfaction" I thought to myself and really wanted to release in my pants because of all this arousal.

We went around the back of the garden, where the patio doors were of the house with a large garden with trees and bushes. Connected to that was a open yard with tables and chairs. We tied the string in the corner of the house and first went inside for a drink. We hanged out on the couch for a while and kissed romantically she was so incredibly happy with her party and receiving more freedom with me of all persons.

That moment we felt like we were the most lucky couple on the planet. We were rudely interrupted by all sorts of people with questions about the catering, the sound system and what not. I wasn't even thinking about our "balloon duties", she decided that she was going to coordinate all of the hired people arriving and gently asked me if I wanted to help them out with the balloons. I smiled and was very happy with that, as I now was able to do it by myself! "YES!!" I thought to myself. She went her own way and I went back in the garden.

The first thing I actually did before I inflated any balloon is lining up my pockets with these beauties. I checked around constantly to see if anyone was watching me. Luckily I was left to myself and everyone was running around at the front of the house and on the side. I started inflating balloons and tieing them to the string 4 connected to each other up to 20 and I made smaller bouquets of 8, this was a natural thing to me and I could do it so easily. It didn't take my mind of satisfying myself though it only made it worse, I continued and decorated the garden and all around a little bit when it became so incredibly unbearable that I just had to fill my pants.

I had the feeling i had been leaking from my penis now for the past 30 mins and my genitals became so sensitive. Every time I inflated a balloon I tied it while holding against my bulge and sometimes even pushed my bulge against the balloons. I wanted to fill my pants so badly..!
Eventually I cut myself lose, I took eight balloons tied to each other and sneaked around other corner of the house. This was only 2m wide and had a fence on the side covered by trees and shrubbery and the other side was the wall of the house with no windows. I basically ran with the balloons around the corner so fast that I was impressed with myself.

I was shaking so nervous that I was of being discovered or seen. If someone would have come I would have dropped the balloons and went back. I checked around the corner a few times and saw no one. I ran further in until I thought I was safe. I unzipped my trousers dropped them to my knees and noticed a huge wet spot on the front of my boxers. I quickly dropped my boxers and was holding my penis in my hand soaking wet and all sticky in the other I had the balloons. I moved the balloons down until one was between legs and my penis was touching the balloons.

I started humping it and rubbing the bouquet against my almost exploding member. In my mind that moment last forever, while in fact it must have been only like 30-45 seconds. I released a large load of semen all over the balloon I was humping and I was shaking from enjoyment. It was like in an ecstasy of pleasure and I was moaning from this fantastic moment. Then I realized I quickly had to get out of there, so I stared down at the damage, while I was still standing there with the balloon between my legs.
I saw that I had been so wild in humping the balloon the semen actually was on the bottom of my t-shirt and it was all over myself.

I dropped the balloons and quickly pulled my boxers over my penis, wiping the semen from my penis and body and trying to dry my t-shirt which only made it worse. Now my boxers were completely wet and soaked, it wasn't a nice feeling to be honest. I quickly pulled my trousers up and tied my belt again.

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Default Re: The Life Of A Looner by CuteBalloon84
I popped two of the stained balloons with my key and walked back with the balloons in my hand and tied them on the corner that I sneaked past. Now I had to do something quickly, because someone would notice the stains on my dark blue t-shirt.

The Life Of A "Looner" - Part 16

I didn't know what to do and I just stood there for a moment thinking by myself "What now?" I freaked out a little bit and looked down on my t-shirt. I went inside the house quickly checking if I saw Irene anywhere, luckily she wasn't around and all the other people were too busy setting up and didn't even notice me.

I walked into the kitchen and looked around trying to come up with a genius idea, I opened the fridge and saw a carton of milk. I took it and grabbed a glass from the cupboard, while I poured I also spilled some on my T-shirt on purpose. I made a loud noise to make it seem real. I left the milk and the glass on the counter and walked out the kitchen, through the living area outside. Irene came towards me as she heard ,eand I explained to her that I spilled some milk on shirt and had to go home to change.

She laughed at me in a teasingly matter, I was still nervous and shaking a bit. But everything was all right, we had some small chat, we kissed and I went home. When I arrived home it must have been around 4:00 pm in the afternoon, still plenty of time before the party started. My parents were away and wouldn't come home till 8-9:00 pm as they were visiting friends.

I was lucky and immediately thoughts started to creep through my mind again of playing with balloons. I went in the house locked the door, I went into the garage and got the air compressor from the father. It was one of these small compact ones normally used for tires. I ran up to my room and put the compressor down on the floor and started to remove furniture and other stuff out of my room. I figured I could have some more playtime!! My room was pretty large with a bed against the wall and a window above it with dark curtains and a desk, TV etc on the other side of the room on the wall where you enter my room. In the middle was a massive blue carpet and I had all these little side tables and a chair for my desk, I moved everything out of my room, so the whole middle was empty. Then I went out of my room to my closet, where all my clothes are.

I had these blue pyjamas's still from when I was a little, my mom however bought these like 3 sizes too big back in the day. The nice thing was the trousers, I stretched them already so much with previous balloon escapades that I could stretch them quite wide from my body in all directions.
They looked absolutely ridiculous. The top was a blue shirt with a childish print on it, the sleeves still came over my hands and the length to my hips almost I undressed there and threw my dirty clothes in the basket and suited up in my pyjama's and I already was hard again.

The pyjama's actually smelled like balloons and they were always hidden in the back of the closet behind stacks of clothes. I already popped a massive boner in my pants, because these pyjama's made me feel very embarrassed and made me think about balloons. I went into my room closed the curtains tight, and turned on some music for the noise that I would be making. I was pretty paranoid at this stage of my "looning" at home. I pulled out my bag of balloons from the bottom of a metal box on my shelf that was full of books.

I turned on the compressor and started to inflate a whole lot of 18", three 24" and one big balloon 1.2 m. This whole process took me quite a while as I used cable ties to close the balloons as I did not want to pop them. I shoved one 24" in my pants while I was inflating, so I was wobbling around a little bit as well, but it was comfortable against my genitals.

I had the big balloon in the middle of my room and I observed how I was doing, basically I already so many balloons that the floor was covered. So I stopped and moved the compressor out my room. Now I started to stuff the balloons in my pyjama's. I shoved 18" balloons in the legs of the pants and used one 24" to stuff between my legs and balls. I took the other two 24" one each side of my penis and took one more 18" to make sure they would press against my pulsating member.

I almost couldn't move now anymore and had difficulty bending over to grab the other balloons, I filled my shirt up nicely back and front. It looked like I had boobs on the back and the front and a giant belly. I pulled the bottom edge of my shirt around my big bulging trousers. So I was now sealed in balloons. I wobbled around the room enjoying myself and I went to lay down on my bend humping and hugging the balloons. This must have lasted for about 30 mins, I heard the phone ring a couple of times which disrupted me and I laid silently every time it happened. When I was about to cum I stopped and went to sit on the side of my bed admiring myself.

I didn't want the fun to be over yet, I looked at the big balloon, got up and dropped myself on top of it. This was my moment of pure enjoyment, humping it away, making a loud squeaky noise, which got me a bit worried. So I got up and went to sit down on the big balloon, this took me a few tries and even landed on the floor the first time. Eventually I got it and sat down on it, now I was moving up and down like a skippy ball, each time moving my penis between the balloons in my pants and banging my lower area on the balloon between my legs. Right then I felt it cumming and it felt great, I thought that was one of the best coming orgasms ever. I had a big smile on my face, and then the door to my room opened.............

I didn't even notice and I made a large noise and shot my whole load over myself and the balloons, still humping up and down. Then I heard my name being called, I turned my head and there was my mom standing in the door of my room, looking at me with the weirdest look I ever saw in my life. This was the most embarrassing moment in my life by far. Imagine me sitting on a big 1.2 m balloon in a pyjama suit completely filled with balloons, a rock hard penis clearly visible between the two balloons in my trousers and a large load of semen all over the balloons and my pyjama suit. She walked in and didn't even say anything and checked me out properly, she pulled the band of my trousers back to see what was going on and stood right in front of my with her arms folded.

I wanted to sink through the floor and there was no way I was going to get out of this embarrassing situation. "So ...What do you think you are doing? What is all of this ?" I looked back in horror and was only stumbling eh eh eh eh." "Well for one thing it seems like you are enjoying yourself, when we are not to explain??" I still sat there and I heard my dad coming up the stairs. I thought "Oh no" "Not my dad as well", he walked into my room and started laughing really hard. "So our popular boy likes to play with balloons haha" My mother was not happy with this and smacked my dad on the shoulder and told him to be serious. I couldn't take it anymore and started crying, "See what you did now said my mother to my father"

"This is what you get now, you need to help and support your son not make fun of him" "Besides this is not the first time is it he with his balloons" "Already had an obsession with them when he was younger" "Apparently it turned into something much more serious then anticipated now"
My dad was just standing there now shaking his head in contempt of my actions and agreed with my mother, "We will need to talk about this son" In the meanwhile he took my bag of balloons and went through it all and dumped everything on my bed. My dad pulled me up from the big balloon and now I was standing there all stuffed and wobbling around with big tears in my eyes. They couldn't get me to calm down and eventually after saying all these kind words left me alone, with the message that I needed to get out of the pyjama suit and leave all the balloons in the room. When I was ready I needed to come down to the coffee table to discuss this. So I did with my head hanging, I pulled out all the balloons and left the pyjama's and all the balloons on the floor.

In the meantime my mother got my clothes from the basket and brought it downstairs. I went for a very long shower, washed myself properly, got dressed and went downstairs already expecting immediate doom being brought upon me from my actions. I found my mother and father sitting at the coffee table with a pile of balloons in the middle of the table from my jeans..

So I sat down and I had the first word to explain myself, so I started out with a long story that balloons made me happy, balloons gave me something I was missing in my life as weird as it sounded. That I loved balloons so much I couldn't stop thinking about them and wanted to have balloons around all the time. I enjoyed the smell, the feel and shape of balloons. As well as that they extremely turned me on sexually in a unexplained way
I also told them about my balloon adventures, the balloon shopping and all other related stories. basically I came clean to everything right there and then. I could see that both my mother and father couldn't really grasp of what was going on, but I also saw some understanding facial expressions.

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Default Re: The Life Of A Looner by CuteBalloon84
After I was finished my mother said "Well son, I think I speak for us both as we have not experienced anything similar like this in our lives" "So we also do not have the answers to this situation, we were discussing getting you help some sort of therapy" "But I don't think that will make things any better" "You are the way you are son, you cannot change the way you are or how you feel just like that" "We cannot really approve this in our household, but we also realize that if we do not approve this or at least try to work with you on this we will lose you and you will do it out of this house"
"We are both very afraid anyone else will find out and you will be mocked through this village and the town"
All this time my dad was just staring at me, shaking his head, sometimes a smirk on his face and at the ending an sort of understanding and desperate look..things can quickly change from what you think is funny and what the person on the receiving end feels. This moment somehow made me more respectful to other people as well...(recapping this part)

"So we have decided that we will let you do whatever you do that makes you happy in your room and in your room only" "This means that YOU DO NOT and again YOU DO NOT do this anymore outside of this house, you can do it in your room and only when there will be no visitors coming by or your friends or Irene coming by" "Right now we want to go clean up your room deflate or pop the balloons that are laying there, get ready and go to Irene's party" "Also start using the lock on the door, so no one can walk in if your doing whatever your doing with your balloons"
Honestly i was suprised by this reaction from my parents but also only now understand the deep emotions and thought behind this decision from my parents and they actually were trying to protect me while letting me be the person that i truly was. Whether this was the correct way of approach i feel still is debatable for a young lad that i was back then.

She reached in this big closet behind her and pulled out three bags of balloons she must have confiscated over the years, we still had these you can have them I guess...she also gave me the balloons from my jeans and warned me to clean up nicely upstairs. I hugged my mom and she rubbed my hair, I snickered softly, my dad got up and put his hand on my shoulder. They told me they loved me regardless of this. I would have a conversation with my dad later about this, but that is for the next time as
well as Irene's Party.

(Sorry that this took so long, I couldn't decide whether I wanted to share this or not, this really is one of the toughest moments in my life regarding this and it is not over yet)

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