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Default Haven't been on in a while, looking for exhibitionism advice!
I used to work renovations while I lived with my parents saving up to get an apartment with my girlfriend. Both of those things gave me many opportunities to explore both of my fetishes in great extent. At home, I could blow up my inflatables in my room and hope to finish without getting caught. When I was feeling more daring I could take them out on the lawn, or into the barn, or even in places like the living room and kitchen when nobody was home. Working, if I noticed that the homeowners had a toy around their pool that never got used (it didn't move for days on end other than to just be moved out of the way, it sat half or fully deflated most of the time) I would wait until I was the only one there and have my way with the toy. The best rush I've ever gotten was using somebody's inflatable whale in the middle of the day, right beside a line of cedar trees with 10 construction workers actively working on the property next door.

Now, I live with my girlfriend who is very comfortable with my fetish, to the point where if I'm in the mood and she's not I can go into another room and take care of myself with no issues. I also don't work renovations anymore, I work in a lab. I have no outlet for my naughty exhibitionist side anymore other than jacking off in the work parking lot, which only gets me so far. My girlfriend and I have a couple things planned, like me using the inflatables while she's out with friends and trying to finish and put them away before she comes home with said friends, but I don't think that will give me the rush I get from using an inflatable that's not mine.

If anybody has any ideas please let me know! I'm open to any and all suggestions.
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Old 16-10-2019, 11:01 PM
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Default Re: Haven't been on in a while, looking for exhibitionism advice!
Crazy as it sounds I’ve done a live stream with strangers fucking a beachball once. Some girls we laughing at me when I got off. I loved it. Other time, I’ve played with my beachballs in the other room and wait for her to catch me. She is also open about my fet. Sometime she will join me and help me get off.
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