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Default Most inflated balloons at one time
what is the most balloons that you have inflated and played with at once
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Old 10-11-2018, 04:50 PM
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Default Re: Most inflated balloons at one time
I've had somewhere between 150 and 200 12" balloons inflate at once. Was a lot of fun
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Old 13-11-2018, 04:34 PM
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Default Re: Most inflated balloons at one time
Upto chest level in my bedroom with q24s.sa24s and gl1200 fun couple of days
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Old 14-11-2018, 04:37 AM
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Default Re: Most inflated balloons at one time
250 12" balloons, I want to do it again sometime.
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Old 16-11-2018, 10:47 AM
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Default Re: Most inflated balloons at one time
I think I did upwards of 500 balloons in one session when I lived in my old house. My wife's and my bedroom was huge. The house itself was pretty big, and the bedroom was a little under half of the width of the house. It was also as long as the length of the entire house. It took about 200 to just cover the floor with one layer of 12" loons. I filled the rest of the room up to about waist height with 16-17" Uniques and Tuf-tex. Then I threw a bunch of 24", 36", worker loons, and GL500's in there for good measure. It was certainly a fun and unique experience-- but not the most fun I had in a balloon room.

That was because it was SO MUCH damn work filling it up. I usually find myself getting sexually excited with anticipation of the upcoming fun while filling a balloon room. But the room was so big it seemed like I was not making any progress for a really long time, so it got un-fun very fast. I just put on a movie with my headphones and worked away on my inflator until the room was done. It took the whole length of the movie to finish, and I didn't even start the movie when I began inflating bc I was still watching looner movies at the start. When I realized that it'd take forever, I changed gears.

I actually used to play in balloon rooms super often (like 3 per month) in that house, and sometimes if I played in the room for long enough, like extra loons hung around and stayed inflated after a couple days, I'd just casually pop them up with a pin and then clean up the mess. But not with this room. I worked too damn hard. I was gonna play, ride, sit, squeeze, BTP, over-inflate and ultimately POP every last balloon. And that's what I did. I was sweating by the time I was done. Like I said before, I had a blast (pun intended) playing that day, but I was super tired when I was done. I can't even remember how damn long it took me to play with and pop all the balloons. I know I took some breaks and just hung out with the loons, but it was probably around 3 hours. I remember telling myself though, that because it took me so long to fill this room, absolutely EVERY SINGLE BALLOON was going to get my personal attention.

I gotta say though that this wasn't the most balloons in a room that I've popped however. That's reserved for a balloon room that I kept inflated and played with for a couple weeks. I would fill the room to the brim, pop a whole bunch, and the refill the room with however many I popped. When the room was completely cleared out could probably only hold about 200 12-17" loons at a time, and it'd be literally filled to the ceiling at that time. I would have to crawl on the floor or squirm between all around super-packed room I wanted to move. There room was so full that 3 or 4 balloons would accidentally pop every single time I'd move. I seriously couldn't move freely until I had popped myself enough room that the loons would finally be chest height! It was kinda ridiculous. I had just about every balloon size you could imagine in there from 7"-42" and GL's, workers, etc. And there was an air mattress that I put in the middle of the floor for riding. I'll attach some photos, and you'll see the aftermath of a balloon room where I popped about 800 balloons over time.

The best part of that balloon room was these "bonus balloons" that I created and had scattered throughout the room. There were 3 kinds. I had some loons crystal or clear 16/17"ers that were half-tied and had pearlized 12" silver or gold balloons full-tied stuffed inside of them. Other stuffed balloons had really cool polka-dot, tiger-striped, cheetah print, birthday print, etc. on the inside balloons. Sometimes, I'd inflate 3 or 4 tiny 5-7" loons inside a TT17 or a few 12"ers inside a 24" loon. I would have to untie the big balloon and BTP it to get to my "prize balloons" inside that I could pop however I wanted. I had "reverse" stuffed balloons with clear U16's that were knotted off, and had those black and white Bebal 14" print loons from that said "Fuck You" or "Whatever" on them which were half-tied. They looked kinda awesome stuffed inside the clear balloons. I'd have to wrestle or nail-pop those loons to get to those really cool print loons. A fun game was that I would try to pop these balloons with only a squeeze, twisting, or tearing motion, but I couldn't use my nails or pop the balloon inside in the process. It made for a super fun struggle. I could then reward myself with a beautiful BTP of those beautiful loons. The last type of "bonus loon" was about 50 12" and U16 clear balloons filled with shimmering gold or multi-colored confetti which were half-tied. I would BTP them, and when they'd explode there would not only be all this beautiful latex flying, there was this awesome confetti spray that would shoot out everywhere super fast with a huge satisfying BOOM! Then it'd just slowly rain beautiful colors afterwards. And just think.. there was 50 of those loons I had to get through. It was so awesome!

I think this was actually one of my favorite balloon rooms, but not because of the absurd number of balloons that got played with and popped in it. Instead, it was because of the "bonus loons". It gave me a bunch of extra "activities" to do in the room beyond riding, wrestling, squeezing, siting, stomping, etc. Before I could play with any "bonus loons" or take any "inflator breaks" to just BTP a shit-ton with the pump while I would rest, I first had to pop enough balloons to make enough room for more shenanigans!
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Default Re: Most inflated balloons at one time
I crammed 40 Tuftex 24" balloons inside a smaller bedroom. The rest, will that is history! LOL
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Old 22-11-2018, 09:25 PM
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Default Re: Most inflated balloons at one time
Maybe a couple dozen in the bathtub while I was taking a bath. I like to go in there and soak and play with the balloons.
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Old 02-12-2018, 01:30 PM
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Default Re: Most inflated balloons at one time
The most I've done, has been between 800 and 1000 x 12" Qualatex rounds. I filled an entire spare room with them, so three-quarters of the entire room was filled up with nothing but air-filled balloons! It was incredible! I loved that Balloon Room, and only wish I had the space to do another one in my current place.
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Old 02-12-2018, 03:01 PM
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Default Re: Most inflated balloons at one time
At the time I was unemployed this year I used around 150, maybe 160, Q24's in my bedroom. It almost filled to the ceiling. It was fun, sadly I needed to deflate them because I still live with my mother.

I am planning a long term balloonroom when I am living on my own.
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Default Re: Most inflated balloons at one time
I just inflated 15 and I think this is amazing Ivan t think how good that would be.
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