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Default Instagram photo shoot
Saw a pool party at a hotel pool. Bunch of young folks. They had a couple donut rings, a couple regular rings, a bunch of beach balls, a two-person double ring float, a flamingo, an alligator, a turtle. They even had mini floats for their drinks.

Bunch of photos taken with decent cameras. I figure they were for instagram. Some of the women were trying to keep their hair dry and were stylin' some fancy sunglasses. Indoors.

A bunch of effort was made to photograph four women on the turtle float. It was a one-person float. They had the body submerged and the legs and head bunched up around them. Two slim women and two with just a little heft to them, maybe only an extra 100 pounds between them all, but the thing looked very overloaded. I thought it was hot.

The women got on and balanced easily. Then after the photos were done, four men tried. They only ever got three of them on, and they put a lot less effort into it. The three men probably didn't weigh more than the four women.

I saw none of the other inflatables abused. Two people on the alligator and it barely seemed encumbered. Three people on the swan outside the pool, which it easily holds. I wanted to join them.

None of the people were particularly large. I would love to have been part of this, but it wasn't my party
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