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Old 12-02-2019, 09:31 AM
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Default Popping space hoppers
Any of you into popping space hoppers? If so how do you pop them and how loud are they?
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Old 12-02-2019, 11:34 AM
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Default Re: Popping space hoppers
I am more into gym balls. Not pop them deliberately, but like to inflate them tight so sometimes a bang is inevitable, especially with those cheap ones.

How loud it is? Id depends on the kind of material. The soft cheap ones does not make a bang, but might slap you and it hurts.

Those tougher branded ones, like Gymnic, Togu, (Pezzi, Maxafe) can be inflated pretty hard (even over 3-4PSI) and when a defect or sharp edge shows up, they definitely go with quite some BANG. Not like a balloon with a sharp one, but a very low kind of a thud, that can be felt in the chest.

Guessing will be the same with those hoppers, but not sure how tightly they can be inflated.

EDIT: Watch this, seems to be a quality ball, not a cheap one:
Cheap soft ones does not explode that violently, they just pop and split in half.

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Default Re: Popping space hoppers
I am into space hoppers, but I tend to just ride on them :P Though I have not much against popping in general, I wouldn't do it myself. I don't want to replace my hoppers every other months, especially since a big hopper can cost around 20€.

That being said, hoppers can be made of a variaty of materials. My 80cm ones are more rubber-like and rather soft when not inflated fully. These shouldn't create a loud noise if popped with a sharp object, rather a lower "thud" sound. Cheaper "kids size" hoppers, like from John are tighter and don't allow a lot of over-inflation. I think these could produce quite a bang for their size when you force enough air into them. Popping them with a sharp object however will most likely be not very interesting, unless you are sitting on them while they are really tight.
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